McFly’s Tom Fletcher reveals clever way to get kids to wash their hands amid coronavirus fears – The Sun

MCFLY'S Tom Fletcher has stunned fans with a clever way to get kids to wash their hands amid coronavirus fears.

The 34-year-old star's band announced yesterday that they'd been forced to postpone their Brazil tour dates due to the pandemic.

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But the father-of-three is doing as much as he can to spread awareness, educating his two oldest sons and niece on the importance of soap.

Taking to his Instagram page, Tom shared a video of himself, six-year-old Buzz, four-year-old Buddy, and three-year-old Summer gathered around a bowl of water on the table.

The star tells the kids: "This is why we all have to wash our hands".

Sprinkling ground pepper into the bowl to represent germs, he continues: "This is going to show you what the germs are like, there are lots and lots of germs in there."

He asks the two boys to stick their finger into the mixture, but they refuse – with brave Summer stepping up to the plate.

After poking the bowl, Tom draws attention to the pepper granules on her finger.

He says: "Look, there's germs on your finger – but watch this, I am going to put some soap on it."

Tom squirts soap onto his niece's finger and tells her to stick her finger into the bowl again – with all of the pepper visibly moving away from it.

The children were undeniably fascinated by the experiment, as were Tom's followers – including The One Show host Matt Baker.

Tom captioned the post: "Here’s an awesome way to help your kids understand why we need to wash our hands.

"I saw a video online of a teacher doing this with her class and thought I’d try it.

"Spreading knowledge, not germs! #covid_19 #corona #washyourhands".

Matt commented: "Gonna push to do a One Show item on Monday – teachers doing great things, thanks for sharing."

A fan added: "I’m 27 and I was still like WOWWWW."

Tom is also dad to one-year-old Max with wife Giovanna – who is the sister of ex Towie star Mario Falcone.

Earlier today it was confirmed that the amount of Brits who have died from coronavirus has doubled overnight, leaping from 10 to 21 victims.


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