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LAUREN Simon is back on ITVBe’s The Real Housewives of Cheshire for another season of glamorous fun and fights.

The telly personality has used her appearances on TV to boost her business career. Here’s everything you need to know about the straight-talking star…

Who is Lauren Simon?

Unlike some of her co-stars, Lauren was born and bred in Cheshire.

Coming from a wealthy family background, she has always lived in the area, apart from spending several years partying in London and Marbella.

Before she joined the cast of the popular ITVBe show in 2015, she worked in PR and marketing for VIP events and nightclubs.

The self-confessed “domestic goddess”, likes everything rich – whether that be coffee, chocolate or men.

Lauren is one of the more loveable and eccentric members of the cast.

Lauren remained on the show until series eight, which aired in 2018, but then left the show without an explanation.

However, she announced her return to the show in 2020.

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Is Lauren Simon married and does she have children?

Lover of luxury Lauren divorced what she had thought to be her perfect match in her husband of 10 years, millionaire Paul Simon (not the singer!).

They had two daughters Gigi and Kika.

She confessed in the past that has “never worked so hard” as she battled through the heartbreak of her divorce by launching a perfume business to show her daughters they don’t need to be “tied to a man” to succeed.

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What is Lauren Simon’s net worth?

Even though Lauren is from an affluent background, she has more than contributed to her family’s fortune.

She owns property in Cheshire and Marbella and has landed a number of lucrative business deals outside of the Real Housewives show.

As well as signing as a Celebrity Presenter for Ideal World, she’s also launched her own perfume.

In October 2016, she released her luxury fragrance Lauren Stone Number One, which retails at a bank-busting £120.

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Spears magazine estimates that Lauren Simon has a net worth of £6.9million.

On top of this, in an interview with Closer magazine in 2020, she revealed she left the reality show temporarily in order to finalise her divorce from Paul, for which she reportedly received a £3 million pay-out.

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