My Mum Your Dads Sharon got lost on launch as ITV filmed entrance 5 times

My Mum, Your Dad quickly gripped viewers as fans watched people attempt to get a second chance at love.

The parents were nominated for the show by their adult children – but their children secretly were watching behind closed doors and making decision about their romances. As the series came to an end, for some couples they've managed to work their romance away from the retreat.

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One couple, Sharon and Elliot, have been one of the few who have found love and focused on their relationship on the outside. However, it wasn't an easy start for Sharon.

Speaking exclusively to Daily Star, Sharon explained that joining the show was difficult. She said: "When we started, we thought 'let's just enjoy this for now,'" adding that they believed they wouldn't get on the show.

Sharon added: "It wasn't until we got that call that I thought 'What the hell?' But I kind of struggled with it initially. Especially when I was driving to the house with Tia.

"Honestly I can't express how nervous I was and it took about five takes for me to get out of the car to the actual entrance into the back garden because I kept going the wrong way."

The nerves also got to Sharon when she finally did make it inside and she walked straight past the prosecco when she introduced herself to her co-stars.

But luckily, she did slowly allow her guard to come down, though it wasn't until she left the retreat that things really started picking up. Elliott added that one of his best memories with Sharon was "the glimpse of the real Sharon" on their last date.

He said: "She was everything that I thought she was going to be and that was brilliant. We've got very similar traits as well, myself and Sharon."

The pair have since been working on their family dynamic outside of the retreat. While their adult children knew one another, Sharon had another daughter to introduce to Elliott.

The duo explained that they've gone on holiday and have been making time to see one another while also bonding as a new family unit. They declared that they'd recommend the dating show to anyone.

Sharon added: "We've got a new family but also friendships. I've got two new best friends and we speak every day. The whole journey, participating in those workshops that I wouldn't have done unless I did the show. It's enriched my life massively.

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