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FRANCES McDormand and Joel Coen are some of the most successful artists to grace the Hollywood studios.

But behind the scenes, both of the starry pair remain very private about their personal lives.

Frances, 66, is a four-time Oscar winning actress and producer known for her roles in hit films such as Madeline, Fargo and Three-Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri.

Throughout her career she's also won three BAFTA Awards, two Golden Globes, two Primetime Emmy's, four SAG Awards and and a Tony.

She married Joel Coen – one half of the acclaimed film-making duo known collectively as the Coen brothers – in 1985.

Their son Pedro was born in Paraguay and he was just six-months-old when the pair decided to adopt him.



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Frances herself was adopted by a Disciples of Christ minister and his wife and she considered writing a book on the process of adoption.

In her Academy Award winning speech in 2018, Frances paid tribute to her son and husband as she exclaimed: "These two stalwart individuals were well raised by their feminist mothers.

"They value themselves, each other and those around them. I know you are proud of me and that fills me with everlasting joy."

The actress is known to be protective of her son as she told The New York Times that fans who would come up to her for pictures would ignore Pedro when he was with her.

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She also revealed that she used to limit herself to one movie and play per year so she could focus more of her attention on raising her son.

According to Woman's World, he decided to go in a completely different direction than his parents as he shunned Hollywood and a life in the spotlight.

The outlet reports that he is a certified massage therapist and personal trainer.

It seems that he was also her inspiration for her 2018 award-winning performance as the devestated mother mourning the murder of her child.

She told the Belfast Telegraph: "As a parent, you also come to see how the worry and the anxiety that goes along with protecting someone who you give yourself to in that way, that you surrender to, can become degenerative."

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