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Girl In The Pictureis the latest enthralling true-crime documentary to land on Netflix.

The documentary, which drops on July 6, unravels the mystery of a woman known as Sharon Marshall, as well as the man who raised her and later married her – Franklin Delano Floyd.

A description of the programme reads: “A woman found dying by a road leaves behind a son, a man claiming to be her husband — and a mystery that unfolds like a nightmare.”

Viewers will learn the shocking truth about Sharon Marshall’s story, including how she was kidnapped by her fugitive stepfather, forced to change her identity and killed in suspicious circumstances.

As Netflix investigated the jaw-dropping 30-year mystery, here’s what happened to Sharon Marshall and where Franklin Delano Floyd is now.

Who is Franklin Delano Floyd?

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Franklin Delano Floyd is an American murderer, kidnapper and rapist.

In 1962 Floyd kidnapped a four-year-old girl from a bowling alley in Georgia and sexually assaulted her.

He was convicted of kidnapping and child molestation and sentenced to 10 to 20 years in prison.

But just a year later, Floyd escaped jail. It wasn’t long until he was arrested again, after robbing a bank in Georgia.

In November 1972, Franklin was released from prison and sent to live in a halfway house, but the career criminal attempted to kidnap and sexually assault a woman at a gas station shortly after.

Franklin was arrested once again but after posting bail, he went on the run.

For nearly two decades the fugitive avoided being caught by becoming a master at concealing his identity.

What happened to Sharon Marshall?

In April 1990, 20-year-old Sharon Marshall was found dead at the side of a road after a suspicious hit and run.

But Sharon Marshall didn’t really exist, and her true identity wasn’t revealed until 2014.

It turned out that Sharon Marshall was really Suzanne Marie Sevakis, who had been kidnapped when she was five years-old.

Franklin Delano Floyd had married Suzanne’s mother Sandi Chapman under the fake alias of Brandon Williams.

Chapman had four children and in 1975 she spent 30 days in jail for using bad checks.

While she was behind bars, Floyd kidnapped her children.

Chapman was able to find two of her daughters at a local church group. Her son was privately adopted and only learned of his true identity in 2019.

But her third daughter, Suzanne, was nowhere to be found.

Franklin had kept Suzanne and raised her as his own, forcing her to change her name to Sharon Marshall.

After she became pregnant, Franklin forced Suzanne/Sharon to move to Florida and change her name once again to Tonya Dawn Hughes.

Franklin married Sharon and she gave birth to her son Michael soon after the wedding; two years later she was killed.

It was revealed by a DNA test that Michael was not Franklin’s son.

After Sharon's death, Michael was put into foster care, but four years later Franklin kidnapped the boy from his elementary school.

Michael was never found, but in a 2015 interview with the FBI Floyd admitted to shooting and killing him on the day that he was kidnapped.

Where is Franklin Delano Floyd now?

Franklin Floyd is currently on death row in the US.

Floyd was convicted of kidnapping six-year-old Michael Anthony Hughes and was sentenced to 55 years in prison.

Later, Franklin was also charged with the first-degree murder of Cheryl Ann Comesso, a coworker of Sharon’s.

Cheryl went missing in 1989 after she was seen arguing with Floyd.

In 1995 her remains were found in Florida, revealing that she had been beaten and was killed by two gunshot wounds to the head.

Floyd was charged with the murder and handed the death penalty.

The 79-year-old is currently being held at Florida State Prison.

Although police believed that Floyd could have killed Sharon, there was never enough evidence to convict him and no one has ever been sentenced for her murder.

*Girl In The Picture is streaming on Netflix from July 6

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