Nicki Minaj Tells Ellen DeGeneres She 'Wanted to Punch' Travis Scott and Expects Men to Go '3 Times a Night' with Her in Bed

And if men can’t go three rounds? “Goodbye. You’re not wasting my time,” the “Queen” rapper says.

Ellen DeGeneres wasted no time asking Nicki Minaj about her beef with Travis Scott when the "Barbie Dreams" rapper stopped by "The Ellen DeGeneres Show" Tuesday morning.

"First of all, congratulations — this is No. 1 in 86 countries," Ellen said, referring to Nicki’s recently released "Queen" album. "Now, when you were No. 2 behind Travis Scott, it seemed like you got upset about that."

Nicki’s face winced as she replied, "Why do people say things like ‘upset’ or angry’? When someone says how they feel, they’re not always upset or angry."

"Well, what were you feeling?" Ellen asked, to which Nicki replied, "I felt like I wanted to punch him in his f–king face!"

Nicki made no mention of Kylie Jenner or Stormi Webster, who she had previously called out for helping boost Travis’ album sales.

"What are those emotions then if that’s not anger?" Ellen asked. Nicki asserted her emotions were not driven by anger; they were simply reflective of "what’s right and what’s wrong — what’s fair."

"I’ve had a No. 2 album, and I never cared," Nicki explained. "It’s just when you have a No. 2 album to someone who’s selling shirts and merch and selling passes for a tour that’s not even announced yet, it feels like you’re being tricked. It feels like someone is playing a game and beating you at a game as opposed to just selling music. I wanna sell music."

"He sold a lot of T-shirts and sweaters and tour passes, and so we’re not gonna have that," she added, flipping her bright-orange hair back behind her.

"So I wanna say — he didn’t have the No. 1 album. ‘Queen’ was the No. 1 album," she continued, taking a moment to clarify that her issue with Travis has nothing to do with her being ungrateful. In fact, Nicki says she’s "the most grateful person in the world."

"But I don’t like being bullied, and I don’t like being taken advantage of," she said. "And sometimes people use scare tactics against you because they know — especially as a black woman — that people will call you angry or bitter. And so now, it’s almost like we’re not allowed to defend ourselves or stand up for ourselves, and I’m not going to have that."

Nas and Drake and Meek … Oh, My!

Ellen then quickly pivoted the conversation to tackle another hot topic: Nicki’s love life. Ellen grilled Nicki about everyone from Nas to Drake to Meek Mill.

"No, I didn’t say I was with Nas; I said I hung out with him. And he and I are still good friends," Nicki told Ellen. "I was in a relationship with Meek for a while, and it was a very toxic something, but we had some good times, and we ended that."

Nicki added that she had "never been in a relationship with Drake," then played coy about an anonymous "newer new boy," who has "been around for a couple weeks now." The rapper said her current fling was not very serious and made it clear she’s enjoying the single life.

"I don’t have a boy. Look, I’m just chilling. I’ve always been in a relationship my whole life. This is the first time that I’m single, and I’m happier. I’m more free," she said. "I used to feel like I had to have a man, and I want every woman out here to know, you absolutely don’t."

Ellen — who’s one of Hollywood’s most famous gay women and married to Portia de Rossi — agreed, adding, "Amen, sister! I want women to know also, you don’t need a man."

"I was in a couple relationships. So I had three – I went from a six-year to a 12-year to a two-year," Nicki said. "And then I was just ready to chill and relax. I didn’t know who I was minus a man. I am finally learning who I am, and I love myself. Everything I do now isn’t about pleasing some man, and that makes me feel so empowered. I can come and go as I please."

Nicki Loves to ‘Exercise’ 3 Times a Day … But Don’t You Dare Try to Cuddle After

"So you enjoy ‘exercising’ three times a day," Ellen said to Nicki, who glared at the audience with a big grin on her face.

Nicki explained that her philosophy doesn’t apply to men she lives with or sees on a regular basis.

"If you see them once or twice a week, then yeah, three times a night," she said. "Three times a night. And if you can’t hang, goodbye. You’re not wasting my time!"

Nicki added she doesn’t accept more than a 30-minute break between each sessions. She also hates cuddling after.

"Every man who likes cuddling — it’s like, you know what it is, Ellen? It’s like, once I get mine, if I feel really, really great, leave me alone. Go away! Go make me some food or a sandwich or something."

Nicki said she winds up dating men who love to kiss, which she doesn’t mind, as long as they "get to it" in a timely manner.

"Do your foreplay stuff, do what you have to do, and hurry up," she said. "I don’t got time for all of that."

Nicki then gave the ladies in the audience a PSA about how sex should be about women feeling good, too.

A Mini Nicki Concert

Nicki then gave Ellen’s audience a mini concert with a medley of songs from "Queen," including "Barbie Dreams," "Ganja Burn" and "Fefe."

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