‘Not having that! Bradley Walsh fumes over Shaun Wallaces Queen Elizabeth jibe

The Chase: Bradley and Shaun clash over Queen Elizabeth II

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Four new players took on Chaser Shaun Wallace on Thursday evening on ITV. After contestant George correctly identified the nickname of one of England’s most famous monarchs, Bradley Walsh was aghast when the trivia master slighted Queen Elizabeth II in his response.

Shaun Wallace revealed he doesn’t believe Queen Elizabeth II is England’s greatest queen in the latest episode of The Chase.

Another team of strangers took to the stage on Thursday night for a chance to win an impressive cash prize.

George, a law student from Hull, struggled in the early stages but powered through to stay in the competition.

Shaun challenged the contestant with a prize of £35,000, but George opted to play it safe with £1,000.

Both Chaser and player correctly identified Queen Elizabeth I’s nickname, Good Queen Bess, as the answer to one question.

The UK’s second female monarch, Elizabeth I reigned from 1558 until she died in 1603.

George was pleased to get the answer right, but Shaun set Bradley off with a controversial remark.

The Chaser casually referred to the sovereign as England’s greatest Queen as he recalled some more facts about the last Tudor monarch.

“England’s greatest queen, no doubt,” he noted. “Born in Greenwich in 1533.”

Bradley Walsh was apparently shocked by the comment and gasped at the camera.

As the audience chuckled, the presenter gave Shaun a chance to clarify his divisive statement.  

He interrogated Shaun: “Did you just say England’s greatest queen?”

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The Chaser nodded curtly and replied: “I would say so.”  

“Not having that!” Bradley exclaimed, prompting more laughter from the audience.

He then acknowledged the UK’s current ruler with a cheeky “Your Maj!”

Finally, he saluted to the camera just in case Queen Elizabeth had indeed been tuning in.

The remaining players Debbie and Helen also gave an appreciative chuckle as Bradley showed his respects.

Meanwhile, Shaun looked on at the spectacle as stony-faced as ever.

Sadly, the guests couldn’t beat the Chaser this time but four new players will get a chance to win thousands of pounds tomorrow night.

The Chase airs weekdays at 5pm on ITV.

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