Paul Burrell sparks uproar as he hits out at Prince Harry

Prince Harry: Rift 'has to stop' says Paul Burrell

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The 64-year-old has come under fire though after he criticised Prince Harry and advised him to stop speaking out about the Royal Family. Paul  accused him of “washing his dirty laundry in public”. As Paul spoke to Lorraine Kelly on her ITV chat show, viewers slammed the former royal butler, noting he is often talking about the Royal Family himself.

As revelations from Harry’s memoir and upcoming interviews continue to make headlines, plenty of people have been eager to give their view.

Appearing on Lorraine, Paul made his feelings about the Duke of Sussex clear and even blamed Meghan Markle for his actions.

He stated: “It wouldn’t have happened if, for instance, Harry had married Chelsea Davy or Cressida Bonas.

“I don’t think all of this would have happened. It’s because he married a 36-year-old woman who whispered in his ear, ‘I want to change the world.'”

He later commented: “All this dirty laundry washed in public. You know, what is the end product of this?

“There’s just a lot of hurt people. And it has to stop. Because if it keeps escalating like this, there will never be a reconciliation.

“Because why would William and why would the King trust the boy that’s going to come into their world and then leave that world and tell more stories about that world?”

Many of those listening to the interview soon took to social media to label Paul a “hypocrite”, with Twitter user Lewis Pringle posted: “Paul Burrell talking about Diana for the 900 millionth time. #Lorraine.”

Mark Ashley continued: “Paul Butler has no shame. Do you know what would appall Diana?

“That her BUTLER keeps chatting on her name and children 26 years after her death at every opportunity he gets for money and fame. #Lorraine.”

Sussex Squad tweeted: “How many interviews has Paul Burrell given now about his former boss and her children in the last 30 years? #Lorraine.”

@MulladySusan begged: “Please stop having Burrell on your show, what a hypocrite, he’s made a living from exploiting his connection with the late Diana, personally l think he’s full of it.”

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“Paul Burrell waffling again. I very much doubt he knows anything, he’s just cashing in as usual..#Lorraine,” Teena Massam posted.

Tasha Amaka shared: “Paul Burrell has the audacity to say Harry is airing his dirty laundry. Paul has vomited everything he knew about Diana since she died. #Lorraine.”

Debates about Prince Harry and the Royal Family have dominated the media since extracts from Spare were leaked.

According to the Guardian, Harry and William were at Nottingham Cottage when he claimed his brother called Meghan “rude”, “difficult” and “abrasive”.

According to Harry, the argument became more heated before William “grabbed me by the collar, ripping my necklace, and … knocked me to the floor”.

He went on to say he landed on a dog’s bowl, causing his further injuries.

Trailers from upcoming interviews saw Harry stating he “wants a family” rather than an institution.

Lorraine airs weekdays from 9am on ITV.

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