Penny Lancaster reveals a 'rabid' drug addict threatened to stab her with a needle while filming new police show

The 47-year-old model, who is married to rocker Rod Stewart, was on her own during the stand-off, which happened on new show Famous & Fighting Crime.

Cameras capture the stand-off as she chases a woman, who is suspected of being a shoplifter, through the Lincolnshire town.

Penny, who took on police duties for the Channel 4 show, told the Mail's Weekend magazine: "It was terrifying.

"I’d been out with another special officer, but there were two suspects going in different directions so we split up, one taking each of them.

"Mine was under the influence. She looked like I imagine a druggie would look, almost like a rabid animal. You want to help a rabid animal but you don’t want to get bitten.

"When she said she was going to stab me, there was that pause, as if I was playing Fortnite with my kids, like I was in charge of a video game console.

"I said: 'You want to stab me?' and she said: 'With my needle. I’ll stab you with my needle.' I was aware of how vulnerable I was. I was unarmed.

"I was wearing a stab vest, but didn’t have a baton or a Taser gun or mace spray. I didn’t even have handcuffs, so I couldn’t actually arrest her, although I threatened to."

She went on: "I had to keep saying: 'Stop! You’re making it worse for yourself,' while calling in my location on my radio.

"When back-up arrived, I’d never been so glad to see anyone."

Penny added: "One part of me was thinking: 'I’ve got children. I’ve got a husband. This isn’t a situation I can be in.'

"But on the other hand I couldn’t have been more comfortable. It felt like I knew I had to do it, and follow the rules about what I’d been told to do.

"It was quite surreal. It was only afterwards that I started to shake, and couldn’t stop."

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