Phil vows to kill Keanu in EastEnders and declares Karen will bury another child

Phil Mitchell (Steve McFadden) and Keanu Taylor (Danny Walters) have been EastEnders rivals ever since Phil discovered Keanu’s affair with Sharon (Letitia Dean).

Now, with Keanu having made a surprise return, things between them are still frosty, and not just because it’s the middle of winter.

While Phil is enjoying the new year with his family, who should turn up to ruin things but Keanu himself.

Phil’s mood instantly flips as Keanu begs him to reconsider banishing him from the square.

Instead, Phil offers a strong warning: Leave now or Karen (Lorraine Stanley) will bury another child. Ouch.

Phil is of course harshly referring to the death of Karen’s daughter Chantelle (Jessica Plummer) at the hands of her abusive husband Gray (Toby Alexander Smith) in September 2020.

Will Keanu do as Phil says, or will Karen be left heartbroken all over again?

Things only get worse when Keanu stops by to visit Sharon and son Albie, and Sharon has a warning of her own.

If Keanu walks out of Albie’s life now, then there will be no way back.

With that ultimatum on the table, will Keanu heed Phil’s warning, or risk it all to be in his son’s life?

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