Phillip Schofield wants female follow up to cartoon about man with giant penis

Phillip Schofield joked that the makers of a new Danish animation about a man with a giant penis should now create one including a woman with a super-human vagina.

Phil and co-host Holly Willoughby were discussing the controversial kids' cartoon with some Scandinavian experts on This Morning.

Earlier this month, the cartoon sparked international debate with millions outraged as critics slammed weird kids' show John Dillermand, which is aimed at four to eight-year-olds.

The character's giant penis can do everything from save lives to steal ice-cream but it has been slammed around the world.

Holly and Phil are not sold on the strange cartoon either – and they demanded equality as they debated it with the guests.

The Danes backed the animation after it aired for the first time on DR, Denmark's equivalent to the BBC.

Phil questioned if it was acceptable for young children to watch and asked it the right message was being sent out.

He said: "There is a line in the theme tune saying 'there is nothing he can't do with it' – is that right?

"All you are doing is glorifying something that could come back to haunt you later on in life.

"Maybe the woman with the super-human vagina should be next?"

Holly agreed with Phil, and in the debate she said: "But little girls don't have the 'superpowers' between their legs.

"We are already trying to address the imbalance and inequality and here is a man who has super powers because he has a penis!

"In Denmark you are much more open, and in ways we have a lot of things to learn. But people think it's a step too far."

Expert Stine Liv Johansen says Dillermand, loosely translated as penisman, is educational.

"I don't think you should think of this as a penis as such," she claimed on This Morning.

"It is a penis – but it's not a sexualised penis. It has nothing to do with what any male has in their pants.

"It's absurd. It taps into the child's curiosity. We should be careful not to take our adult views.

"We need to make children happy about the body they are in."

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