Piers Morgan and Laura Tobin scream as they spot a MOUSE in the Good Morning Britain studio

PIERS Morgan and Laura Tobin screamed after they spotted a MOUSE in the Good Morning Britain studio today.

The furry rodent scrambled across the studio floor under the feet of the camera crew – just metres away from the terrified presenters.

Piers, Laura, Susanna Reid and Ranvir Singh were left shaken by the rogue animal stalking the studio and said they only spotted it as they returned from the advert break.

One camera followed the mouse around the studio floor and Laura could be heard saying: "I screamed when I saw it" as Ranvir added: "I don't like mice."

Susanna was the only one who had her wits about her and Piers even admitted "there were wails and screams when we saw the mouse."

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