SEAL Team boss speaks on Jason and Mandy’s future

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The recent episode of Paramount Network’s SEAL Team saw Jason Hayes (played by David Boreanaz) rush to save his former love, interest Mandy Ellis (Jessica Paré). After their reunion, showrunner Spencer Hudnut shared whether a wedding was on the cards for the duo.

Throughout the series, Jason and Mandy have been on and off, and their relationship came to an abrupt end before heading to leave for an Omega mission. 

But when Jason returned, the team leader admitted he wanted to give things another go and although she was shocked, Mandy noticed he had changed for the better. 

During the most recent episode, the couple were discussing their future, when Jason expressed concern about his future on the Bravo team after Ray Perry’s (Neil Brown Jr) departure.  

However, before they could discuss it further, their brunch came to an end when Mandy was called into work. 

The show’s executive producer has spoken about whether the couple will reunite and if they’d even marry.

He shared: “I think in that scene in episode seven where Jason’s realising Ray’s gonna retire, having seen Clay (Max Thieriot) accept that he has to move on from operating, 

“Jason realised, ‘I’m still not ready to walk away’ so he started asking the questions of, ‘Can I really maintain this relationship if I’m gonna continue to be Bravo 1 and run into the fire?’ 

“But one of the things that the tragedy of Clay brings out is that it really allows people to focus on what’s truly important.”

Spencer highlighted: “So I think for both Mandy and Jason. Unfortunately, Clay’s downfall brings into focus for them what they really want.”

When asked is a potential wedding was on the cards, the showrunner added: “I don’t think we’re quite there yet.

“I think continuing a stable relationship would be a victory for Jason, given how he’s reacted to tragedies in the past. 

Spencer told TV Insider: “Continuing to have that balance is really important for him.”

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Viewers are yet to see the fallout of the shocking cliffhanger which showed fan-favourite Clay meets his demise. 

After agreeing to move away with his family, Clay got a call from Ben (Joey Pollari) and headed out in the night to find him about to vandalise the Armed Forces recruitment centre. 

When Clay stopped him, Ben pulled a gun on himself but just as Clay talked him out of ending his own life and took the gun, a security guard shone a torch at the men. 

After seeing Clay with a gun and a frightened-looking Ben, the guard quickly shot two bullets into Clay who immediately died on the spot, while Ben disappeared into the night.

This was a major heartbreak for fans because Clay had survived an ambush in Mali and was forced to quit the Bravo team after losing his leg. 

After battling PTSD and adjusting to life as a new father, Clay was finally making some progress with his work on the Green Team. 

Clay and his wife Stella Baxter (Alona Tal) were also looking forward to putting Vah Beach in their rearview and having a fresh start.  

However, fans will have to stay tuned to see how his death will affect Stella and his friends on the Bravo team. 

SEAL Team season six continues Sundays on Paramount Network.

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