'Selling Sunset': Things Get Unethical in Season 5 Episode 9 'Sabotage in Stilettos'

The drama continues when Christine Quinn makes a “totally unethical” move against Emma Hernan in Selling Sunset Season 5 Episode 9 “Sabotage in Stilettos.” Plus, the conversation surrounding Jason Oppenheim and Chrishell Stause having babies comes up again, and Chelsea Lazkani may have made her first enemy at The O Group.

[SPOILER ALERT: Spoilers ahead for Selling Sunset Season 5 Episode 9.]

Davina Potratz and Chelsea Lazkani disagree in ‘Sabotage in Stilettos’ 

Feeling attacked at Chelsea’s tea party in “She’s Your Problem Too,” Davina Potratz asks her to lunch. She admits she was “taken aback” and felt “ambushed” at the event, even shedding a tear because of how Chelsea spoke to her. 

Chelsea, who has advocated for Christine throughout Selling Sunset Season 5, struggles to understand Davina’s relationship with her. As Davina explains it, she loves Christine but she often puts her in difficult positions and hurts people Davina cares about. Davina was most upset because she thought Christine asked Chelsea to speak in her defense at the tea party. 

“I’m not her parrot,” Chelsea quips in “Sabotage in Stilettos.” As the new person in the group, she’s just curious about all the chaos. “I don’t like that you think that I’m Christine’s mouthpiece,” Chelsea added. “I’m not. These are my own opinions.” 

Chelsea warns Davina she’s got her eyes on her because of her “shady comments.” Ultimately, their meeting ends on a bad note as a frustrated Davina storms off. Later, the tension builds when Chelsea admits she “can’t trust [Davina] as far as she can throw her.” 

Jason Oppenheim and Chrishell Stause’s future kids come up again 

If someone’s not talking about Christine, they’re talking about when Jason and Chrishell are going to get engaged, married, and have kids. Jason sits down with Mary Fitzgerald and Amanza Smith in “Sabotage in Stilettos” to talk about the idea. 

Jason reveals Chrishell has embryos frozen and they’re considering fertilizing them, but Jason is hesitant. “There’s no bigger commitment,” he says to Mary and Amanza. “Every time I see a baby, I talk to the parents. I’m like ‘Are you happy with your kid?’” 

He adds: “It’s also timing. I need to consider my work. I am very much engaged in growing the brokerage.”

At the end of Selling Sunset Season 4, Jason announced the opening of The Oppenheim Group’s Orange County office. Now, he wants to open another in Las Vegas. But having a baby could impact his plans to grow the brokerage. 

Meanwhile, Chrishell confides in Heather Rae El Moussa about having kids. While she and Jason are entertaining the conversation, she doesn’t want to get her hopes up. As many Selling Sunset fans know, the couple ended their relationship in December 2021. 

Christine Quinn’s alleged sabotage attempt in ‘Selling Sunset’ Season 5

Chrishell and Emma haven’t been on good terms since the ex-boyfriend conversation in Selling Sunset Season 4. Now, Christine’s allegedly coming for Emma’s clients. 

Emma fills Mary in at an open house in “Sabotage in Stilettos.” According to Emma’s client, an associate of Christine’s offered $5,000 for them to work with her instead of Emma. 

“I want you to be aware that she said she was out to sabotage you,” Emma relays. Later, Mary presents this unethical action to Jason. Like The O Group founder, we’re wondering: “What the f*** was she thinking?”

Find out in the finale episode. Watch season 5 of Selling Sunset on Netflix. 

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