Sorry, but Young King Charles Was Hot and These Pics Prove It

Thus far, we’ve only seen King Charles wearing a lot of extremely hairy layers. So let’s strip things down, starting with this picture of the King and his forearms bonding with a magnificent STEED.

Raise your hand if you’re worried about making eye contact with King Charles through your computer/phone in case this pic has cursed you. Same!

I don’t want you to panic, but we’ve entered the “King Charles Is Constantly Shirtless” portion of this gallery, so get ready.

Like, I’m sorry to speak these words but…is King Charles…is King Charles sexy?????

Answer: King Charles is sexy.

Adding a cute lil scholarly pic to break up all of the 🥵🥵🥵 content.

This wetsuit has me UNDONE.

Literally have to cool down, and this photo basically counts as an ice bath. I don’t know what’s happening here or why King Charles is wearing bell-bottom slacks, but I am in no way okay with it.

Literal photo of me looking at King Charles’s shirtless wind-sailing pics.

Loves! A! Man! In! Black! Tie!

Weather? Cold. Charles? Hot.

Hello, 911, I’d like to report my eyeballs exploding out of my head.

Uhm, do I have a secret prep fetish I didn’t know about until literally this very second? LMK.

Yep, this was the confirmation I was looking for.

I know this has all been a lot for you, but here’s Charles, um, riding that pony like Ginuwine would want him to.

Attn @ cemetery: Please bury me with this photo of King Charles taped to my eyeballs.

Is this my new fav genre of photos?!?!?


Giving you a quick reprieve with this unfortunate photo of King Charles blowing his nose with the world’s most enormous hankie because what you’re about to see next will end you.

Told you.

Cute Prince Harry bb content break 🥺.

And finally, allow me to introduce King Charles, inventor of manspreading, and newly-proclaimed leader of England. Long may he reign.

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