Spoilers: Ella confirmed as Jordan's killer in shock twist in Hollyoaks

Jordan Price (Connor Calland) is dead in Hollyoaks, and while it initially appeared as if Charlie Dean (Charlie Behan) was responsible, tonight’s episode (December 29) confirmed that it was actually Ella Richardson (Erin Palmer).

For a whole year, viewers have been racking their brains in an effort to find out who was in the body bag.

Last night’s instalment of the Channel 4 soap revealed that Jordan was the unlucky resident who lost his life.

After Juliet Nightingale (Niamh Blackshaw) tried to record him in order to expose him, Victor Brothers (Benjamin O’Mahony) vowed to kill one of her loved ones.

Therefore, he tracked down Sid Sumner (Billy Price) and took him to The Hutch, where a showdown ensued, as Victor ordered Jordan to murder both his cousin and Juliet.

Jordan ultimately did the right thing, and allowed Sid and Juliet to leave, but little did he know that Charlie and Ella were hiding under the table.

When he discovered such a thing, he voiced his anger and ordered them to leave, but a struggle ensued, and Jordan was killed.

Charlie confessed to the crime, and thus was taken away by the police for questioning.

However, tonight’s instalment revealed via a flashback that it wasn’t Charlie who killed Jordan, but rather it was Ella.

Yes, as Jordan and Charlie struggled, Ella — still believing Jordan to be a threat — intervened, and stabbed the drug dealer.

Will the truth come to light?

Hollyoaks continues Wednesday December 30 at 7pm on E4.


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