It seems that no matter how much Janine (Charlie Brooks) schemes and meddles to get Mick Carter (Danny Dyer) all to herself in EastEnders, the one thing she cannot do is break the bond that still exists between Mick and Linda (Kellie Bright) despite everything they’ve been through.

With Linda’s court date approaching, Janine could perhaps be sensing victory. With Linda behind bars – and the evidence that she crashed her car while drunk is very strong, because Janine organised it that way – Janine would get to have Mick all to herself again.

Mick and Linda, however, share a Moment together as they watch baby Annie taking her first steps and almost kiss. Following this, Mick can’t shake off thoughts of Linda, even while Janine is doing her best to be flirtatious and irresistible.

He decides to do what he can to help Linda in her upcoming trial and suggests that she should check her phone log online for clues. When Linda does this she finds she made a call to the Queen Vic on the night of the accident – a call which we know Janine took.

With the events of the night of the crash now in question, Janine starts to feel the pressure. And she’s absolutely infuriated that Mick seems once again to be right by Linda’s side and supporting her.

As Linda prepares to face her day in court, will Mick stand by her? Or does Janine still have a card up her sleeve?

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