Charles (Kevin Mathurin) gets some disturbing news in upcoming episodes of Emmerdale, when he learns that his daughter Naomi has gone missing.

Naomi was born after Charles and his wife Esme split up. He cheated on Esme after their son Ethan (Emile John) was born and she was suffering from post natal depression. When she found out she was pregnant again, Esme chose to keep it a secret from Charles and after Naomi was born she gave her up for adoption.

Although Esme later got in touch with her daughter, Charles has never met Naomi. When he gets news via Ethan that Naomi has gone missing, he can’t help but wonder whether his own behaviour towards her might have caused her disappearance.

He asks Marcus (Darcy Grey) to help him search for Naomi and is stunned when Marcus finds a picture of her. He becomes determined to find her.

Soon Manpreet (Rebecca Sarker) is shocked to find that Charles has left the village to go and search for his long-lost daughter. As Ethan talks about what having his sister in his life would be like, Manpreet is concerned that he and Charles could both be heading for heartbreak if the reunion with Naomi isn’t what they hope for.

Will Charles track his daughter down? And if he does, will we soon be seeing her in Emmerdale?

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