Spoilers: Ollie buys drugs after taking money from Brody in Hollyoaks?

Ollie Morgan (Gabriel Clark) takes drastic action in Hollyoaks in order to get his hands on some cash, and therefore he asks Brody Hudson (Adam Woodward) to help him out.

Ollie has been battling a drug addiction for quite some time now.

Luke (Gary Lucy) and Cindy Cunningham (Stephanie Waring) have been incredibly worried about him over the past couple of months, but the young lad promised that he’s given up drugs after he nearly died.

With the festive season rapidly approaching, Ollie asks Cindy if he could have money in order to purchase some Christmas presents.

Cindy is sceptical, as she believes Ollie will use the cash to buy drugs.

In an exclusive clip from tonight’s instalment, Cindy argues with Luke about the whole thing, but she’s horrified to discover that he cancelled a hospital appointment in order to keep an eye on Ollie.

When Ollie learns that Cindy has her doubts about him, he decides to ask Brody for the cash instead.

With Brody being unaware of the young man’s addiction, he seemingly does as he asks.

The question is: is it Christmas presents that Ollie is really after?

Or is Cindy correct, and thus he’s planning on using the money to buy drugs?

Hollyoaks continues Monday December 21 at 7pm on E4.


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