Spoilers: Rishi in serious danger from home intruder in Emmerdale?

Rishi Sharma (Bhasker Patel) starts to get the distinct and creepy feeling he’s not alone in upcoming Emmerdale episodes when something in his house doesn’t feel quite right.

It’s obviously been a bit quiet around Holdgate since Priya (Fiona Wade) and Amba (Ava Jayasinghe) left the village for a new life in London, so Rishi at first tries to shake off his worries, thinking it must be his imagination working overtime in the empty house. He goes to bed still feeling uneasy, and when he wakes up the next morning he finds evidence that he wasn’t imagining things at all.

Someone has been eating his crisps. And it’s definitely not mice.

Shaken, Rishi tells his son Jai (Chris Bisson) that he has an intruder in his house. Jai knows that his dad has been struggling since Priya and Amba left and puts Rishi’s worries down to him being lonely and wanting more support.

We know that in the past Rishi has admitted to being lonely and this even led to him being targeted by evil Sandra Flaherty (Joanne Mitchell) when she slept with him and subsequently blackmailed him.

The loss of his daughter and granddaughter, who moved to London after Priya was offered and exciting job, has hit him hard.

But is it really all in Rishi’s head? And if it isn’t, who is the nocturnal snack thief – and why are they hiding in his house? Could he be in serious danger?

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