Stranger Things teaser sends bleak warning to fans ahead of season 5 premiere

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The Stranger Things season five teaser clip may only be 10 seconds long but it sure has got fans talking.

With the fifth season and final season of the hit horror show hopefully looming in the near distance, eager fans are looking for hints as to what they can expect when the hit Netflix series finally returns.

And luckily for fans, the streaming giant has just dropped an eerie but intriguing teaser and according to eagle-eyed fans it’s packed with plenty of clues.

The official account posted the brief video of rubble at the Starcourt Mall, where both Robin (played by Maya Hawke) and Steve (Joe Keery) worked at Scoops Ahoy, on Twitter.

The whiteboard that Robin sarcastically scribbled in to represent the numerous occasions Steve demonstrated that he “sucked” was seen laying on the floor among the rubble, along with the sign for the ice cream shop with a marine theme.

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The short clip was captioned: “Excuse our mess…”

Loyal Stranger Things sleuths got to work trying to decipher just what had gone down in Hawkins with the help of any hidden hints.

Some users noticed the Scoops Ahoy sign’s flashing lights right away, pointing out that the pattern they were making appeared to be Morse code.

One inquisitive fan @willuvbot wrote: “Anyway does the light mean anything in Morse code? I don’t know Morse code.”

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One Morse code savvy fan @Alyssalxvez claimed: “The Morse code spells out RUN.”

Meanwhile, another fan @barcenasAlecc got straight to the point fuming: “If Robin and Steve die I’m gonna lose it Netflix.”

But it looks like Stranger Things fans could just be making a mountain out of a molehill as one fan noted that the clip may be a reference to something other than season five.

Under the teaser clip, A fan @tayIorsvers1989 commented: “I would love a Scoops Ahoy ice cream right now.”

The Stranger Things account seemed to suggest that it was all about the frozen dessert, Ahoy.

The account quipped back: “Boy do I have good news for you.”

It is yet to be confirmed when fans can expect the hit Sci-Fi drama will be back on screens.

Stranger Things is available to stream on Netflix in the US and UK.

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