'Teen Mom 2': Herbert Wilkinson Opens Up About His Short-Lived Relationship With Jenelle Evans

Former Teen Mom 2 star, JenelleEvans and Herbert Wilkinson were briefly linked to one another, butwhatever romance that was once brewing appears to be entirely over. While Evansstruggles to find a career path forward, she’s spending a lot of time on socialmedia, and she’s not the only one using an online platform to talk trash. BothEvans and Wilkinson have sounded off about each other on socialmedia in recent weeks, and neither is holding back. So, what is the storywith their romance, and does Wilkinson really have more dirt on his almost-girlfriend?

Wilkinson laid out a lot of information about Evans andDavid Eason on an Instagram Q&A

It seems as though Wilkinson isn’t feeling too broken upabout the end of hispseudo-relationship with Evans. The 31-year-old Boston native answered aton of fan questions on Instagram and he was holding absolutely nothing back.One follower asked Wilkinson about histhoughts on Evans and he called her “socially awkward” and weird. He wenton to claim that she never called her children during her visit, but did placea call to her mom.

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Later, Wilkinson took aim at Eason. He claimed that Evanstold him DavidEason has a subpar package and that she literally hates him. He also openlythreatened to release videos and pictures of Evans if she continued to talktrash about him on social media. Evans hasn’t responded to the threat, at least,she hasn’t done so publicly, but that could change at any moment.

One would think that Wilkinson and Eason might have a problemwith one another, but that doesn’t seem to be the case. It would appear thatEason is reveling in the situation. Aside from information about Eason’s genitalia,Wilkinson really focused in on Evans with his insults. Eason even repostedseveral of the more savage statements, according to TheHollywood Gossip.

Jenelle Evans doesn’t have anything nice to say aboutWilkinson either

While Wilkinson is busy spilling dirt on Evans and Eason via Instagram, Evans hasn’t stayed quiet either. Although she never called Wilkinson out by name, in several Instagram Stories, she basically informed her fans that she thinks he’s an “arrogant douche bag.” Evans even complained about spending money on meeting and dating an alleged “fan.” One can assume that Evans is talking about the money she spent on a plane ticket to Boston.

In case people weren’t sure she was talking about Wilkinson,she answered a followup question about her recent visit to Boston. She informedher followers that her trip to Boston was not fun and that she spent the majorityof her time sitting in an Airbnb,bored. Evans never confirmed why she was in the area, but it is known that Wilkinsonlives in the Boston-area and it’s assumed the visit was planned for the sole purposeof meeting up with him.

Did the romance die out so Evans could get back with Eason?

Evans and Wilkinson werespotted together towards the end of December 2019, but the romance seems tohave ended relatively quickly. Shortly after the pair seemingly split, Evansmade the odd decision to drop her restraining order against Eason. The decisioncame just days before the pair were set to face off in court in Tennessee.Shortly after ajudge agreed to remove the order of protection, the pair were spottedtogether, and it is rumored that bystanders saw them canoodling.

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Evans has kept quiet about the potential reconciliation, butfans were quick to point out that it appears that Evans and her kids are backin North Carolina, in the home she once shared with Eason. In a recent TikTokvideo shared by Eason, one of Ensley’s toys is clearly seen in the middle ofthe room, tipped over as if someone had just played with it. The only child whoshould be in the house, if Evans is still living in Tennessee with Ensley and Kaiser,is Eason’s 12-year-old daughter, Maryssa.The ride-on style toy clearly belongs to a toddler.

Neither Eason nor Evans have commented on the state of their relationship. The only thing Evans has said is that people shouldn’t believe what they hear unless it comes directly from her. Fans, however, are pretty sure Evans will hide a reconciliation with Eason for as long as possible if that’s what’s going on.

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