‘The Bachelor’ Fans Once Created a Fake Rose Ceremony Using Characters From ‘The Avengers’ and the Results Were Hilarious

Marvel’s Avengers: Infinity War shattered what Hollywood thought blockbusters needed to succeed. The ending tore the hearts of fans in half as their favorite characters turned to dust and ended on a tragic note. People needed a pick me up. One fan took matters into their own hands and created a Bachelor and Avengers mashup that even caught the attention of news outlets.

‘The Bachelor’ and ‘Avengers’ mashup made Tony Stark the bachelor

Fandoms love their ships, and the Marvel Cinematic Universe has dozens. If you can think of two Marvel characters, the chances are high that a massive community rallies behind them.

Of course, the charm of Robert Downey Jr.’s Tony Stark resulted in several pairings.

And to offer some fun after Thanos dusted half the universe, a Marvel fan took to using the rampant Stark ships as material.

“Tumblr user cptxrogers recently shared a GIF mashup of Avengers: Infinity War and The Bachelor, reimagining the men of Avengers: Infinity War as contestants trying to win the heart of Marvel’s most eligible sort of bachelor — Tony Stark,” Comicbook reported.

The mashup used all the characters’ unique relationships with Tony but twisted them a bit.

Who were the ‘contestants’ competing in the faux Rose Ceremony?

Instead of the usual Bachelor setup of one bachelor and a group of women competing in a Rose Ceremony, The Avengers version used Stark’s fellow male heroes.

“Steve Rogers/Captain America is the most notable. Framed as ‘Tony’s ex,’ the so-called Steven R. may have broken Tony’s heart, but he’s confident he can win him back,” Comicbook noted.

“How did I leave things with Tony?” Rogers’ GIF asked. “Not great, but I’m going to win him back.”

Other contestants included the wealthy Doctor Strange and T’Challa, and Star-Lord relying on his charm.

The fan brought more popular requests in, like Bruce Banner, Bucky, Loki, and Rhodey to compete for Tony’s final rose. Bruce and Bucky had the most challenging positions, with Banner’s GIF noted how Tony “friend-zoned” him.

Meanwhile, Bucky had an uphill battle. Murdering someone’s parents makes them difficult to romance, apparently.

‘The Bachelor’ and ‘Avengers’ post exploded in popularity

The hilarious Bachelor and Avengers mashup gained nearly 120 thousand notes on Tumblr since the first posting.

News outlets from Buzzfeed to Comicbook reported on the fan crossover. It drew speculation. Fans wondered who might win ‘The Bachelor: Tony Stark Edition.’

Even the creator had their favorites, hoping for Chris Pratt’s Star-Lord or Don Cheadle’s James Rhodes.

While most heroes survived to see the end of Avengers: Endgame, the time after Thanos’ snap hit fans hard. Imagining the crazy situations a Bachelor and Avengers mashup gave several fans a much-needed laugh.

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