The Blacklist fans in meltdown as Ressler and Red romance theory

The Blacklist: NBC releases trailer for ninth season

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NBC’s crime drama The Blacklist will finally return to screens for season 10 in February. As fans prepare for its release, many were sent into a meltdown after whispers about a romance between Donald Ressler (played by Diego Klattenhoff) and Reddington ‘Red’ Raymond (James Spader).

The Blacklist came to a satisfying end after the team of detectives was able to close the case on the murder of their friend and colleague Liz Keen (Megan Boone).

However, it was a bittersweet finale as tech expert Aram Mojttabai (Amir Arison) revealed he was moving to Brooklyn. 

This was also the case for Agent Alina Park (Laura Sohn) who learned she was pregnant and was taking time away from the task force. 

However, with their departures, fans have suggested there could be a new romance within the unit.

Taking to The Blacklist fan page, Redditor Stingflare suggested the storyline about Red’s real identity was a distraction.

As they wrote: “Seriously, if you re-watch the show clearly, all along, the true love story is Red and Ressler.”

The user added: “Ressler spent years hating and chasing Red. Then Ressler was forced to work with Red.

“What started out as hatred turned into a deep affection for Red, especially after Red performed a blood transfusion on him.

But Red was obsessed with Liz. So Ressler’s affection went unrequited. Ressler went back to Audrey [Emily Tremaine] as a result.”

The viewer claimed Ressler had hatched a plan to get close to Red and provided clues with included him helping Red expand his empire and hating Laural Hitchin (Christine Lahti) who was part of Cabal, an organisation that wanted him dead. 

The Redditor added: “Ressler committed perjury in court so that nobody knew Red was an imposter.

“Ressler rushed to the court to play Minister D’s tape so that Red would be cleared of treason charges.”

However, other fans weren’t convinced and took to the comments to joke about Ressler and Red potentially getting together. 

@whats_a_cormac shared: “This is kind of unhinged but undeniable. I love it.”

@RudeObjective2360 commented: “I have always been intrigued with the push-pull love-hate relationship with Red and Ressler, but I would not classify it as a romantic relationship.”

A third fan @Wild-Wonder13 wrote: “This made my night. Fantastic. Wonderful. I’ll accept no other theories, this one clearly has the most proof. It’s undeniable!”

Other fans mocked the main theory about Red’s real identity which remains one of the show’s biggest mysteries. 

@Soup_Sensitive joked: “Finally someone with a real theory!”

@BLTheoristNancy asked: “Totally new theory, anyway. How are you going to call this? Maybe ‘Redler?’”

While @pikachu-atlanta combined their names and added: “Resslington forever!”

The Blacklist season 10 premieres Sunday, February 26 on NBC in the US. A UK release date is yet to be announced.

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