'The Bold Type': 1 Perfect Way the Show's Stars Are Like Their Characters

When fans picture The Bold Type’s central characters, they’re often doing one of two things: Working, or drinking together. It’s not that much different for the actors themselves. Read on to learn how they’re similar (and different) from the people they play on TV.

Meghann Fahy, Katie Stevens, and Aisha Dee star in ‘The Bold Type’

The three stars of The Bold Type are Katie Stevens, Aisha Dee, and Meghann Fahy. Before landing the role of Jane Sloan, Stevens was perhaps best known for starring in the MTV series Faking It. She also competed as a contestant during season nine of American Idol, making it to the Top 9 before she was eliminated.

Dee (Kat Edison) is known for such short-lived series such as MTV’s Sweet/Vicious, Freeform’s Chasing Life, and Fox’s I Hate My Teenage Daughter. Finally, Fahy (Sutton Brady) had recurring roles in the soap opera One Life to Live, the procedural Chicago Fire, and the miniseries Political Animals.

The series’ fourth season recently aired on Freeform

The Bold Type has proven to be one of the Disney-owned network’s most successful shows, post-Pretty Little Liars. It centers around the three main characters, who have become best friends while working at the fictional Scarlet Magazine. The series depicts how their personal and professional lives intertwine.

In season 4, Jane, a type-A writer, focused on running her feminist vertical and recovering from her preventative double mastectomy. Sutton was promoted to stylist, but her brand-new marriage is on the rocks. Kat works as a bartender after being fired as Scarlet’s social media director. The season ends with them dancing and drinking wine together.

Stevens and Dee aren’t like their characters in these ways

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In a July 2020 interview with Young Hollywood, the actors shared how they’re like and not like from their characters. When asked if she’s like Jane while quarantining during the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, Stevens said, “My character would be making lists and writing articles. I’m productive, but not that productive.”

As for Dee, she admits she’s not quite as technologically savvy as Kat. “I wish I was cool enough to know how to [use] TikTok. I feel like that’s what Kat would be doing.” She added, “I have the app on my phone. I just don’t know how to work it.”

They like to hang out and drink wine in real life, too

Fans of the series who’ve seen Fahy, Dee, and Stevens interact off screen know they’re nearly as close as they appear on the show. Fahy said that she and Dee, who are both living in Los Angeles, have gotten together to watch episodes. This is something they’ve all done in the past, and even re-watched the pilot “drunk.”

Stevens, who admitted she has “massive FOMO,” had to miss out on the most recent get-together. So her response when asked what she wants to do first when she’s able to see Fahy and Dee is simple. “Honestly, just sitting and having a glass of wine together,” she said, adding, “Or a couple bottles.”

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