The Chase host Bradley Walsh floored as ITV contestant shares incredible hobby
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    The Chase host Bradley Walsh was left shocked after a contestant revealed his very surprising hobby on the latest episode of the ITV gameshow.

    As player Sam introduced himself to the host ahead of his cash builder round, Sam informed Bradley he worked as a senior sales consultant at a luxury jewellery firm in Cardiff.

    When Bradly asked what enjoys doing in his spare time, he stunned both Bradley and viewers at home when he revealed he enjoys training as a circus performer.

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    “I’m actually an aerialist with the circus I sit on an aerial hoop suspended from the ceiling and I do acrobatics and tricks on that.”

    “Wow,” said a stunned Bradley. That’s incredible, how about that!” he gasped.

    Sam went on, adding: “I do ropes and silks. Yeah, so I like to kind of do the circus in my spare time.

    Surprised laughs filled the studio as viewers at home also reacted.

    “Wasn’t expecting that from Sam tbh!,” said one viewer.

    Another added: “Circus? Bloody hell!.”

    Bradley was also taken by that player’s outfit, complimenting his very “stylish” shoes.

    Viewers at home however had a slightly different take on the player’s look, as he sported a bright yellow jacket and a black and white shirt with a long necklace.

    He also boasted an impressive head of hair styled into a quiff.

    Fans compared the young player to popular movie character Ace Ventura.

    “Is Sam on #TheChase cosplaying as Ace Ventura?” asked one player.

    A second asked: “Sam has dressed up as Ace Ventura.”

    While a third added: “Sam looks like Ace Ventura.”

    Sam and fellow player Pauline each beat chaser Paul Sinha, aka The Sinnerman, to win just £1k each.

    But players Mark and Rachel weren’t so lucky despite performing much better in their cash builder rounds and were caught by The Sinnerman after bidding for a higher pay out.

    Left with just £2k in the prizepot for the final chase, Bradley made a cheeky dig at the pair, whose perfomances were underwhelming.

    As he teased a commercial break before the final chase, he told fans to return and watch “Pauline and Sam, whoe inexplicably made it into the final with £2k.”

    Paul Sinha even chimed in, saying: “Statistically they’ve got no chance.”

    Paul was left eating his words however, when the pair managed to beat him in the final chase and take home £2k.

    "i blew it," said Paul.

    "what else can i say?"

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