The Inspector Morse franchise could continue with a Thursday prequel

Endeavour: DS Jakes returns ahead of final episode

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Sullivan, 63, has run a blog called Morse, Lewis and Endeavour since 2014 as a way to celebrate his love of the detective dramas. He has described Colin Dexter’s franchise as the ‘Morse Universe’ and spoke about his feelings as Endeavour reaches a conclusion this weekend. Inspector Morse started off life as a series of novels by Dexter with the first one published in 1975 and the series starring legendary actor John Thaw in the Inspector Morse series in 1987.

Inspector Morse ran for a total of seven seasons and a series of specials with the last one airing in 2000.

This was followed by spin-off series Lewis, following Morse’s partner Sergeant Lewis (played by Kevin Whately), which ran for nine seasons from 2006 to 2015.

Endeavour finally came in 2012 with a pilot to celebrate Inspector Morse’s 25th anniversary.

The pilot proved so popular ITV commissioned a full series the following year and the rest is history with Endeavour running until 2023.

Addressing Endeavour coming to an end, Sullivan said: “There’s two reasons why it’s quite sad.

“First being of course that the end of the series itself. No one likes to see a favourite show come to an end. It’s probably good because unlike a lot of series drag them out to the point where you forget why you liked it.

“The second reason for being sad about the whole thing is that it’s going to be quite a while before we see anything else Morse-related again.

“We’ve had Morse the original, we’ve had Lewis and then Endeavour the prequel.

“Now the chances of getting anything else, there’s not going to be anything for four or five years down the road.

“And of course it can’t be anything to do with Morse because no one else is now allowed to play Morse.”

Before his death, Inspector Morse author Dexter gave his blessing to a prequel but said no one else was allowed to play his beloved character in order to protect the actor John Thaw’s portrayal and legacy.

Dexter went so far as to write a clause into his will stipulating no one else was allowed to take on the detective.

This means no one else can now play Morse with Shaun Evans becoming the last star to do so.

Sullivan said the other way the Morse Universe could have continued would be with a Hathaway spin-off with Laurence Fox leading as Lewis’ partner, but he ruled this out: “There’s no way that’s going to happen now.”

The former Ecological Scientist from Edinburgh, who now works as a shop assistant, went on to address where the show could go next, suggesting another prequel series.

He said: “One good way it could go would be a young Fred Thursday. My idea was that – the backstory of Fred Thursday is that he joins the police force a year before the Second World War broke out.

“So my idea was that when he returned from the war, he then obviously takes up his post as a constable in London.

“I thought that would be a very good story because London almost had to be rebuilt a lot of it and of course there was crime.

“A lot of people taking advantage of that situation. So my idea is a young Fred and we would need a damn good actor to follow up Roger Allam.”

Thursday is the creation of Endeavour’s creator Russell Lewis and the character is never mentioned in the original Inspector Morse series, which means its fertile ground to be explored.

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ITV has yet to confirm any news about the future of the series and for now, it could be a waiting game

However, the broadcaster has one last treat for fans with a documentary airing after the finale on Sunday (March 12).

Morse and the Last Endeavour will air on Sunday at 10.20pm on ITV1 and ITVX and goes behind-the-scenes of the series finale with interviews from the cast and the crew reflecting on the show.

The Endeavour series finale airs on ITV1 and ITVX on Sunday at 8pm

Morse and the Last Endeavour airs on ITV1 at 10.20pm

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