The Last Kingdom film theory sees Uhtred marry again

Last Kingdom's Alexander Dreymon receives sword as gift

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The Last Kingdom fans are keen to find out what they can expect from the feature-length Netflix film. Seven Kings Must Die will be set after Uhtred (played by Alexander Dreymon) claimed back his homeland of Bebbanburg. A storyline involving Aethelstan (Harry Gilby) could see Uhtred find romance once again.

Not much has been revealed so far about the upcoming film, apart from the fact it will welcome back Uhtred and some un-named fan-favourites from The Last Kingdom.

Executive producer Nigel Marchant has suggested the movie will include storylines from Bernard Cornwell’s final novels.

The author’s last book was called War Lord and it features a turbulent journey involving Uhtred and Aethelstan, whom he had trained to be a fierce warrior and leader.

A theory by, which is based on what happens in War Lord, suggests Uhtred will marry again before his story comes to an end.

In the story, Uhtred and Aethelstan had an agreement between them that Northumbria would not be invaded while Uhtred lived.

The young king kept his word for many years, but he knew he owed it to his grandfather Alfred (David Dawson) to fulfil his dream.

Knowing the only way to unite England was to claim Northumbria, he felt he had no choice but to invade.

For a while, Uhtred and Aethelstan lose trust in one another until Aethelstan is threatened by outside enemies.

Remembering his oath to King Alfred, Uhtred decided it was his duty to help Aethelstan and he helped him defeat those who wanted to take his land.

Before the final battle, Aethelstan ordered Uhtred to marry a rich, young widow so he had a loyal man to guard the northern border.

Uhtred had shown no interest in romance following the death of his true love, Aethelflaed (Millie Brady).

Yet those who have read the books will know he forms a romance with healer Eadith (Stefanie Martini).

Sadly their relationship does not last long, as Eadith dies from the plague.

While the film could see Uhtred and Eadith get together, it may skip over this storyline in order to focus on the friction between Uhtred and Aethelstan.

Uhtred’s happily ever after may not come until the final moments of the film, with viewers finding out he was able to live out his final years in peace with his own family.

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Fans had been rooting for Eadith and Finan (Mark Rowley) to get together as they seemed to share a special connection.

Yet after Eadith left to study medicine, Finan found a new wife, with whom he now shares children.

They were disappointed to find out Uhtred and Eadith form a relationship in the books, but this may not necessarily happen in the film.

In the original source material, Uhtred and Eadith get married after she helped save him from an infected wound.

IMDb has listed some cast for the film, although the cast list has not been confirmed by Netflix yet.

The website suggests Ewan Horrocks returns as Aelfweard, with James Northcote as Aldhelm.

There are some new characters listed, including Tom Christian as Dunstan and Nick Wittman as Eamon.

Ingrid García Jonsson, Alexandra Tóth and Brezovszky Dániel György are also listed as joining the cast.

The Last Kingdom is on Netflix now and filming has finished for Seven Kings Must Die.

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