Alexander Dreymon thanks fans as The Last Kingdom wraps

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After the first to two seasons of The Last Kingdom first premiered on BBC Two, the remainder of the series was picked up by Netflix where thousands of loyal fans were enthralled by the historical drama. Following the show’s last ever finale in March, actor Eysteinn Sigurðarson who portrayed Sigtryggr praised Alexander Dreymon in a touching tribute.

The Last Kingdom is the onscreen adaptation of a novel series written by Bernard Cornwell.

The series officially came to an end with a show-stopping finale which was inspired by three of the author’s books War of the Wolf, Sword of Kings and War Lord.

It followed the life of Uhtred of Bebbanburg (played by Alexander Dreymon) as he grappled with two identities because he was a man who was born a Saxon and raised a Dane.

As well as portraying Uhtred, the actor Dreymon also took the time to learn a major skill behind the screens as a director.

As a result, Dreymon made his directorial debut on the second episode of The Last Kingdom’s final instalment.

Sigtryggr star Eysteinn Sigurðarson whose character featured in the episode lifted the lid on working alongside Dreymon when he took a step away from playing Uhtred.

Speaking to The Screen Chronicles podcast, the actor labelled Dreymon a “genius.”

“This was his directing debut,” he added.

“His responsibility at the number one on the call sheet and to do that for years, he set the tone and set the bar for everyone else.”

Sigurðarson continued: “Respect, hard work, fun times but also for him to show up for his directorial debut.

“For every single frame you see in episode two, he had references, he had done his homework for every single character and every single line.

“He’s got ideas and he also has personal relationships with all the actors, was able to sometimes step back and let you do what you wanted to do.”

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This was also an exciting moment for Alexander Dreymon as he also spoke out about the opportunity.

He stated: “First of all, I’m just hugely grateful to Carnival for giving me that opportunity and for placing their trust in me.

“It’s a huge production with a lot of moving parts, very technical aspects and I spent as much time in front of the camera as I did behind the camera, so I was definitely thrown in at the deep end but I’m completely in love with it.”

Dreymon explained: “I’m just so grateful to have been able to do it, there’s just no way of knowing the breadth of the director’s responsibilities and what it means to carry the weight of that unless you do it and I thought I knew, but I really had no idea.

“It gave me even more honour and respect for that part of our world. It made me want to help the directors that I’m working with even more than before.”

The 39-year-old continued: “To get them to be able to do their job because they have so much to take care of.

“I think in the future in any way that I can take weight off of their shoulders in a productive way, in my role as an actor, I’ll endeavour to do,” he concluded.

Although, The Last Kingdom came to an end fans will soon be able to see Uhtred bacon screens in the show’s upcoming feature film.

The upcoming sequel film, titled Seven Kings Must Die is expected to land on Netflix in 2023.

The Last Kingdom is available on Netflix.

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