Tipping Point Ben Shephard gives warning to star as fans bash ‘horrendous’ habit

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Tipping Point host Ben Shephard had to step in and warn a player after she kept repeating a “horrendous” habit.

Viewers at home tuned in to watch the latest three contestants vie to win money from the tipping point machine, but were left distracted after player Michelle irked players with her method of game play.

As she took to the machine to play her counters, both Ben and viewers were put off by her timing, which often left her counters riding on top of the others and not landing on the shelf in time.

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After a string of bad drops, Ben chimed in and warned her about her timing, telling her to be more mindful of when she presses her button, as fans at home began to blast her gameplay.

One blasted: “Timing Michelle, timing. Do they never watch the programme before they go on? #TippingPoint.”

“It's not your timing, it's your brain!” added a second.

Michelle did land a successful drop despite her bad timing, and with Michelle celebrating, Ben slammed her victory, saying: “that was more by luck than judgement.”

Fans applauded the host for calling her out on the “annoying” habit.

“#TippingPoint 'I'm going to have to improve my timing aren't I' and lol at Ben with a clear direct…” one wrote.

“Michelle is annoying me with her horrendous timing!! You tell her Ben," someone else posted.

Despite her bad timing, teacher Michelle made it to the final two after player Saleem failed to answer any questions correctly in his rapid fire Q&A.

Michelle took on retiree Ken but was unable to keep up with his score after he bagged some impressive drops and scored a double counter, taking him through to the final.

After a series of impressive answers, Ken was able to land the £10k counter in an impressive win.

He told Ben he plans to travel to Cuba and Buenos Aires to pursue his passion for Latin American dance with his wife.

Fans rushed to congratulate Ken on his impressive performance.

“Congratulations to beloved Ken on 10K win, lovely fella Xx,” said one viewer.

“Well done Ken outstanding performance! Take a bow fella.”

“Halle-blooming-lujah! After a clean sweep of the questions, Ken earned his win!"

Tipping Point airs weekdays on ITV and ITV Hub at 4pm.

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