TOWIE’s Georgia Kousoulou ‘crying my eyes out’ amid major parenting milestone

When Georgia Kousoulou made her TV debut on The Only Way Is Essex back in 2014 at the age of 23 she never imagined she’d one day be welcomed through the famous door of No.10 Downing Street.

But just a couple of weeks ago, the reality star, who has a two-year-old son Brody with fiancé Tommy Mallet, found herself ushered into the Prime Minister’s official residence in London.

Georgia was there on an important mission: to promote a new anti-troll law called the Online Safety Bill. She met Tech Secretary Michelle Donelan to discuss the government’s plans to make the UK the safest place in the world to be online.

And she was joined by other famous stars who, like her, have been the targets of cruel comments online, including Love Islander Georgia Harrison and former Lioness Fara Williams.

“I felt really professional,” the former TOWIE star tells OK! of her exciting visit. “Number 10 is really glam. The carpets and everything just felt very royal. I had an amazing day and was so excited to be a part of it.

“When I heard about the bill going to Parliament I thought, ‘This is amazing, I want change to happen.’ I really believe in it, it’s too good not to be passed.”

The bill is particularly close to Georgia’s heart after her personal experience of being trolled online. “I’ve had trolling bad,” she explains. “In the early days of TOWIE there were times when I’d have to turn my phone off completely.

“I remember once, Tommy took me to Amsterdam because I was in such a bad place. We had to just escape and get out. It never goes away, and I don’t think the people doing it realise the effect it can have on you.”

Admitting that it’s “scary” bringing up a child in today’s digital world, her big wish is that she can help make the internet a safer place by the time Brody is old enough to use social media.

“I’m a mum now so I’d love change to happen before Brody has access to social media. It 100% needs to have boundaries – there’s currently no control over it.

“You can protect your child as much as you can in the real world, but in the social media world, it’s impossible. This is why we need all of the social media companies to step up and take accountability.

“The new law will make the things that are illegal in the real world also illegal online.”

She adds, “When I was growing up, social media wasn’t a thing, not like it is now. And I’m glad about that. If you had a row with a school friend, it stayed at school. But bless kids now – everything is 24/7, on your phone and on your computer. They can’t escape.

“That’s why there are awful things happening to kids.”

Her venture onto the political stage comes after a year of highs and lows. Having not long returned from an extended summer holiday in Spain, Georgia, who tragically suffered a miscarriage earlier this year, is now getting used to Brody going to nursery for the first time.

It’s been a difficult transition for her, and she tells OK!, “It’s made me really emotional. We’re on week two of nursery and it’s still really hard. I’m a bit on edge when I drop Brody off. He went for two days last week and I cried my eyes out both times.

“I feel like something’s missing, it’s the weirdest feeling. I’m used to having a shadow with me 24/7. I just hope it gets better but I think it’ll take a few more weeks before it feels ok.”

To take the edge off her anxiety she has her dreamy vacation to reminisce about.

“We were away all summer, which was amazing,” Georgia tells us. “I feel like Spanish life is just for me. I love it, it’s so chilled. Saying that, I had to put myself on a bit of a diet when I got home, just watching my calories a bit because I got obsessed with having three courses for every meal when we were away.”

Alongside vacation chat, political talk and nursery runs, Georgia is filming series five of her ITVX show, Georgia And Tommy: Baby Steps, which has documented the couple’s journey into parenthood. Of course we want to know what viewers can expect to see in the upcoming season, but Georgia isn’t giving anything away – not because she won’t, but because she can’t!

“I really wish I could tell you,” she says, giggling. “But whenever we plan to film something, it just doesn’t happen and the plans change. So I really have no idea what you’ll see in the new series.”

While she may not know what the future holds, she is thrilled that filming is getting underway. “Honestly, I’m really excited about the new series,” she adds with a big smile. “I just want it to be a happy one, that’s all.”

Georgia, with your upbeat attitude, we don’t doubt that outcome for a minute.

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