Towie’s most shocking transformations from Arg’s 14st weight loss to Bobby Norris’ dissolving fillers

The Only Way Is Essex has been a breeding ground for the UK's most prominent reality stars since its inception in 2010. The show has evolved over the years, and so has its cast, with many members undergoing remarkable physical transformations.

Jordan Brook

Recently, Jordan Brook, 25, has been captivating fans with his astounding body transformation, which he proudly showcased on Instagram.

In his post, he said: “Monday motivation for whoever needs it. Swipe for a shock.”

The first pic shows Jordan as he is now, with a muscly physique, and the following slides show him when he was heavier and more out of shape.

“Always been slightly embarrassed of the throwback photos, but today I thought f*ck it, that’s old me, use it for motivation,” he says.

As he found love with Geordie Shore's Sophie Kasaei, his newfound confidence radiated through his impressive physical change.

James 'Arg' Argent

James 'Arg' Argent ’s struggle with drink, drugs, and a binge-eating disorder has been well-documented.

At the peak of his problem, the star's weight soared to a staggering 27st. However, his journey to recovery and transformation began in April 2021 when he underwent gastric sleeve surgery, resulting in a remarkable 14-stone weight loss.

As he continues to date Stella Turian, 18, Arg's physical and mental health has taken a positive turn.

Bobby Norris

Bobby Norris, 37, emerged from the ITV series with not only significant muscle gain, after a fitness overhaul which saw him overcome his “fear” of the gym, quit smoking and cut back on his alcohol intake, but also a transformative decision.

He chose to dissolve his facial fillers, sharing this personal development on social media.

The TOWIE star admitted he has gone "too far" with various cosmetic treatments, and finally realised it when he looked in the mirror and didn't recognise the man looking back at him.

Bobby agreed with his fans that he needed to get his fillers dissolved after falling "down the rabbit hole," but explained it was really hard to see just how different he looked to others.

Amber Turner

Amber Turner, 30, recently parted ways with her co-star Dan Edgar. In her quest for self-improvement, she turned to full-body workouts at home using 4kg dumbbells.

"I train really hard because I think you have to feel confident in yourself," the reality star told OK!.

"You are on a show where people try to knock your confidence make you feel s**t. If you don't feel confident, it's a downward spiral."

Her dedication paid off, resulting in an impressive 1 stone 5-pound weight loss.

Ferne McCann

Ferne McCann, 33, has always been open about her body image struggles. The reality star's wild partying once left her feeling sluggish and unmotivated, taking a toll on her mental health. However, in 2021, she embraced a healthier lifestyle that led to a body transformation, making her feel more confident than ever.

Following the birth of her baby girl Finty last month, the mum-of-two has been characteristically candid about her post-pregnancy journey.

"Getting comfortable with being uncomfortable. My experience this time round is completely different after giving birth to [daughter] Sunday. My body seems to be taking longer to go back to normal (whatever that is supposed to look like!) and in the last couple of days I’ve noticed an impatience with myself," began Ferne.

"You can either pick yourself apart or you can shower yourself with kindness & love. From today, I’m picking the latter! My body created & carried my baby girls so how can I insult it? But in my low moments that’s exactly what I’ve done and I’m sure many women can relate to this.”

Danielle Armstrong

Danielle Armstrong, 35, celebrated 2021 as the year she reclaimed her body after giving birth to her daughter Orla. Her transformation began with a 21-day programme, combining exercise and healthy eating.

Over the course of a year, she shed three stone and felt the healthiest she had ever been. Now the star, who recently welcomed her second daughter Una Rae via C-section, has also been praised by fans for posting a real photo of her body 10 days postpartum.

The fitness enthusiast explained: "I know I’ll get my body back like I did after my first pregnancy, but I’m not putting pressure on myself or comparing myself to others this time."

Gemma Collins

Gemma Collins, 42, achieved a significant weight loss of more than three stone through a combination of diet and exercise.

Adopting a new refreshing body positive mindset, Gemma revealed in a recent interview with MailOnline that she now focuses on exercising and eating straight out of her sprawling garden to ensure her food is completely organic.

Gemma told the publication: "I eat out of my garden, I don't have pesticides, I eat really healthy, but sometimes we are just as we are. My body is as it is, I'm not meant to be super skinny, I'm not meant to be super slim and I'm not going to spend my whole life trying to be something that I'm not."

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