Trump's Meeting With Macron Delights Twitter: Every Weird, Uncomfortable and Unintentionally Hilarious Moment

“Trump has been more publicly affectionate with Macron in a few hours than he has been with Melania in their entire marriage,” one observer tweets.

President Donald Trump hosted a joint news conference with French President Emmanuel Macron at the White House Tuesday morning, and the entire encounter was laughable.

Just ask Twitter.

The social media platform filled up with videos and photos capturing every awkward moment as it unfolded. Then, of course, the president was roasted for them. Enjoy "America: The Reality Show" below.

The Dandruff Brush Power Move

Trump and Macron met in the White House Oval Office, and upon introducing his friend/counterpart to a handful of reporters, Trump actually brushed a speck of dandruff off Macron’s suit.

"Mr. President, they are all saying what a great relationship we have, and they’re actually correct," Trump said. "It’s not fake news! Finally, it’s not fake news. It’s a great honor that you are here, but we do have a very special relationship; in fact, I will get that little piece of dandruff off. A little piece!"

"We have to make him perfect. He is perfect. So it’s really great to be with you, and you are a special friend. Thank you," Trump said, shaking Macron’s hand.

There Are No Stupid Questions, Only Stupid Reporters

“Stupid question,” President Trump declares when asked during an Oval Office meeting with French President Macron whether he would consider a pardon for his personal lawyer, Michael Cohen.

A few minutes into Tuesday’s conference, a reporter asked Trump if he would consider a pardon for his personal lawyer, Michael Cohen, to which Trump replied, "Stupid question."

Macron gave an uncomfortable head nod and smile so as to say, "Alrighty then."

Update: Melania Still Hates Her Husband

“Ok. What about a kiss? Just an air kiss!”

Trump trying to hold Melania’s hand reminds me of Pepé le Pew chasing a bewildered Le Cat.

Before entering the White House for the conference, Trump and his wife, Melania, stood outside in the Rose Garden alongside Macron and his wife, Brigitte, to take photos. Melania — who looked stunning, by the way — tried to avoid holding her husband’s hand for as long as possible, but Trump and his orange pinky finger persisted.

Then when Trump tried to kiss Melania, she settled for a Beverly Hills-style, double-cheek air kiss. It’s hard to believe that wide-brimmed hat was not a conscious fashion choice.

Trump LOVES Macron

Watch Trump yank Macron away like he’s a kid on a mission to eat some ice cream.

Following the photo op, Trump grabbed Macron’s hand and literally dragged him away to the Oval Office. Then during the press conference, the two bro’ed out, but was it a reciprocal moment? Trump pulled Macron in for a handshake/hug-type-thing while Trump puckered his lips for an air kiss.

But this isn’t the French president’s first awkward encounter with POTUS. Last year, the two famously shared an aggressive handshake ahead of a NATO summit in Brussels — so aggressive, in fact, that both their knuckles turned white from the pressure.

Trump clearly loves this man.

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