Unearthed pic shows EastEnders couple Jack and Denise in The Bill together

EastEnders fans recently spotted Scott Maslen and Diane Parish in an old episode of The Bill, which is currently airing on the Drama channel and honestly, we can’t cope.

The actors currently play Jack Branning and Denise Fox in the BBC One soap but previously worked together in The Bill, the police crime drama that ran from 1983-2010.

It turns out Diane and Scott starred in the series between 2002 and 2004. Scott portrayed the role of DS Phil Hunter, while Diane played DC Eva Sharpe.

Who would’ve thought that many years later, they’d be creating a new iconic duo in EastEnders!

Jack and Denise have been together for a while now, but their relationship faced many challenges recently which saw Denise charmed by Ravi (Aaron Thiara).

As Ravi flirted and made Denise feel special, they even spent time at a hotel and very nearly slept together, up until the moment Denise knew that what she was doing was wrong, and went back home to Jack, Amy (Ellie Dadd) and Ricky (Frankie Day).

‘When you play these parts in this show no one can ever say “I wouldn’t do that” or “she wouldn’t be here” because the nature of the beast is that anything can happen,’ Diane recently told us, discussing this storyline.

‘Anything can happen, and it forces stories to spin out which affect different characters. It’s all about drama and excitement, and characters being put in very uncomfortable situations.’

‘It’s sort of a crisis, a life crisis, a love crisis where Denise has ended up in a situation where she’s thinks if only she was getting the same attention from her husband as she’s getting from Ravi.’

‘That’s really, if anything, what Denise would want.’

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