A girl, 17, is killed by black mamba during a lesson in Zimbabwe

Classroom snake horror as girl, 17, is killed by black mamba during a lesson in Zimbabwe

  • 17 year old girl was killed when a black mamba entered her classroom 
  • She died 20 minutes after her bite whilst on the way to the hospital 
  • Both family and community left in shock after sudden and tragic incident 

A black mamba which entered a classroom of teenage students in Zimbabwe bit a 17 year-old who died 20 minutes later.

Melody Chiputura felt a sting on her thigh and raised it to the teachers attention when the snake was finally noticed. Some students ran, other pulled Melody aside whilst a few students killed the venomous animal.

Although rushed to hospital she ultimately died from the venom of the black mamba, considered one of the most venomous snakes in the world.

The black mamba grows up to 2.5 meters whilst its venom is so potent that two drops is likely to kill a person. The snake is named not for the colour of its scales but for the colour of the inside of its mouth and tongue

Christopher Murenga, principal of Rushinga High School where Melody was attending, recalled the incident to The Herald Zimbabwe, ‘She immediately cried out, saying that something had bitten her. We are all in shock. We have no idea where this snake came from. The classroom is far away from possible snake habitats.’

Melody was buried near her home leaving her family, community and classmates in shock as no one is sure how the snake got into the classroom in the first place. It is thought, however, that the snake entered the classroom when all the students were busy on the grounds doing sports activities.

Black mamba’s are common in Zimbabwe with even a local football team being named after them in the capital of Harare

A senior education official in the province, Themba Mangwiro, said there was no tall grass around the school where the snake might have been, ‘This incident has made us realize that we need to improve disaster risk management, which is not being given enough attention in schools.’ she said. 

Melody’s father, Mr. Joseph Chipitura to the Zimbabwe Herald, ‘This is hard to accept, and it is painful.’ ‘I don’t understand how a snake can get into a classroom and bite my daughter.’

The black mamba is common throughout southern Africa, especially in Zimbabwe where the football team the Black Mambas FC are located in the capital, Harare.

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