Alleged drug-ring leader brought from Colombia to US court

New York: Authorities say the alleged leader of a homicidal drug ring that imported tonnes of cocaine from Colombia into the US over a decade has been taken to New York to face charges.

Daniel Rendon-Herrera, alleged drug-ring leader also known as “Don Mario”, was extradited from Colombia to the US.

Daniel Rendon-Herrera, also known as "Don Mario", pleaded not guilty in Brooklyn on Tuesday, local time, to leading a continuing criminal enterprise.

His attorney, Johanna Zapp, says she's looking forward to representing him.

Federal authorities say that the organisation sent multi-tonne, US-bound shipments of cocaine from Colombia through Central America between about June 2003 and December 2014.

US Attorney Richard Donoghue says the group also employed hit men across North and South America.


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