Anarchists set fire to effigy of Boris Johnson in Trafalgar Square

Anarchists set fire to effigy of Boris Johnson as anti-vaxxers and Communists join forces to clash with riot police after hundreds descend on Parliament and Oxford Circus for the annual Million Mask March

  • The Prime Minister’s effigy was set alight in Trafalgar Square as hordes of protestors descend on London
  • Police deployed barricades and defences in an attempt to contain the rioters in Parliament Square
  • Hundreds of officers in riot gear have been deployed as they face off with the anarchists in the capital
  • The protestors are marching through Parliament Square, Trafalgar Square and Oxford Street
  • The Million Mask March has been held annually since 2012 but becomes more violent each year with protestors rallying against the government

Anarchists and anti-vaxxers have set an effigy of Prime Minister Boris Johnson ablaze in Trafalgar Square as hundreds of protestors clash with police on the streets of London amid the annual Million Mask March.

Hordes of rioters sporting Guy Fawkes masks, flares and weapons are spoiling for a fight with the law, forcing the police to set up barricades at various locations across the capital and deploy in riot gear to contain the march which they have vowed ‘will go down in history’.

It comes as families and children all over London are out in droves to celebrate bonfire night as they attend fireworks displays all over the city. 

Police say that no arrests have yet been made as they attempt to keep the protest as peaceful as possible, but several fights between protestors and officers have already broken out. 

The march, which has been held each year since 2012, sees anarchists and anti-establishment protestors rally against government corruption, wealth inequality and, as of last year, coronavirus restrictions. 

Almost 200 people, including businessman and prominent anti-vaxxer Piers Corbyn, were arrested in last year’s march for breaching Covid restrictions.

Anarchists and anti-vaxxers carry an effigy of Boris Johnson as they parade around the streets of the capital

The Prime Minister’s effigy was then set ablaze in Trafalgar square as hundreds of protestors clash with riot police

The Police have been forced to deploy barricades and defences with many officers donning riot gear as they clash with protestors

Anarchists and anti-establishment protesters are marching through Westminster and Trafalgar Square touting signs and flares

Hundreds of officers have been deployed to reign in the march which takes place as families and children are out in droves to celebrate bonfire night as they attend fireworks displays all over the city

A protestor wearing a Guy Fawkes masks sets off a sparkler during the Million Masks March protest in Parliament square

The Met police released a statement this morning in anticipation of the protest, saying that intelligence suggests some protestors have travelled to London to target police officers.

Mounted divisions and dog units have also been called in to support the police’s efforts to prevent the march from descending into a full-blown riot.  

‘This policing plan has been developed following a continual review and thorough assessment of intelligence which suggests some groups are intent on causing disorder or targeting police officers with violence,’ said a Met spokesperson.

‘As a precaution, officers will be equipped with specialist public order uniforms and a number of protective barriers have been set up outside a number of locations in London.

Different units across the Met will also support today’s policing plan, including our public order teams, mounted branch, police dogs and the National Police Air Service.’

Police look on as a protester holds a firework in Trafalgar Square in front of the burning effigy of Boris Johnson during ‘The Million Mask March’

A protester holds a ‘Free Julian Assange’ banner as he stands on the fountain in Trafalgar Square during ‘The Million Mask March

Hordes of protestors have blocked traffic in Parliament Square as they clash with police officers, many of whom are in riot gear

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