Architect claims church owes $2.4M for World Trade Center shrine

That would be a real Greek tragedy.

The company that made thousands of distinctive glass and marble panels for the half-built St. Nicholas Shrine at the World Trade Center has threatened to throw them away unless it receives payment from the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese.

MG McGrath in Minnesota says it is owed $2.4 million by the Manhattan-based archdiocese.

“We have attempted to collect on these unpaid monthly amounts which date back a full year. To date, the Church has refused, and continues to take no definitive action,” Paul Kitching, McGrath’s general manager, wrote in an April letter to the archdiocese, a copy of which was published in The National Herald newspaper, which covers the Greek community.

Kitching said an additional $4 million was needed “to continue fabrication of the remaining overseas materials.”

The company also worked on the church’s blast-rated curtain wall and doors and bullet-resistant glass and skylights, according to its Web site.

An archdiocese representative did not return requests for comment.

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