Armed police and helicopter race to park after music video shoot sparks panic

Cops armed with guns scrambled to a park in Manchester after a “music video” filmed by a bunch of men dressed in army uniforms caused widespread panic.

At least 10 police officers with firearms were seen racing to Queen’s Park in Heywood on Sunday afternoon, as a helicopter soared through the skies above for backup, reports Manchester Evening News.

Worried witnesses had previously reported four men walking through the area in "full camouflage and balaclavas".

"It wasn’t a good look," said one.

"A lot of people were on their phones to the police."

Another onlooker claimed the men involved had told him they were shooting a music video in the woods.

He told the Manchester outlet: "They had cameras with them. I spoke to them and asked if they were filming a music video or something and they just laughed and said 'Yeah'.

"I could see five armed response vehicles and the helicopter was up for ages.

"It was a big operation and must have cost some money to respond like that."

Do you think the police response was an over-reaction or was it justified? Have your say and see what others think in the comments below.

Greater Manchester Police are yet to comment on the incident.

The news has sparked debate online, with some people slamming it as an overreaction and others praising the quick response from police.

One commenter argued: "Did they have weapons? I often dress up in combat clothing and have done so since my military days in the 80's. Grow up, people."

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Another person agreed, claiming the response was based on "so much exaggeration and paranoia".

But others weren’t so sure and one doomer said: "We are expecting that some of us will be massacred anytime now, so can't be too careful."

Whilst a different reader pointed out: "You’re supposed to inform the police if you’re filming outside, especially if it’s guns in the shot."

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