Basketball referee KNOCKS OUT man during mass brawl

Now THAT’S a foul! Shocking moment basketball referee KNOCKS OUT dad during mass brawl during AAU game that erupted after coach was hit with penalty for stepping on court

  • A referee knocked out a man during an AAU basketball game in Edmond, Oklahoma after a fight broke out when a coach was hit with a foul
  • Shocking footage shows the upset coach walk up to the referee and headbutt him, which the ref responded with a punch to the face
  • The two start swinging at each other as spectators take the court, with the ref eventually cornered by two people away from the crowd
  • His partner then rushed in and suckerpunches one of the people cornering the ref, knocking him out and putting an end to the chaos  

A referee knocked out a father during a brawl at an Oklahoma school basketball game after a coach was hit with a foul for stepping onto the court.

Videos from inside the Score OKC sports center in Edmond show the moment the coach walks onto the field after the ref’s call and headbutts the official, who immediately swings at the man. 

The coach then tries to attack the ref as another referee and spectators quickly jump in to try and stop the fight, which erupted Saturday. 

A brawl ensues on the court, and when the ref appears cornered by two people away from the crowd, his partner rushes in and sucker punches a man, knocking him out and putting an end to the chaos. 

A referee rushed to save his partner after a brawl broke out at the Score OKC sports center in Edmond, Oklahoma. He knocks a man out with one punch and puts and end to the chaos

Spectators rushed onto the court of the AAU came to put an end to the brawl as the man who was punched by the ref lies motionless

He is seen bleeding from his nose following the fight on Saturday 

The incident reportedly occurred during an AAU game on Saturday, with one attendee telling OutKick that the brawl was started by the coach. 

‘I was there on the other court,’ the attendee said. ‘This was all over a tech the coach received then he came on the floor and headbutted the ref instead of leaving the floor. 

‘The score was 28-26,’ the attendee said of the coach’s team. ‘They were winning, now the whole organization loses.’ 

The incident in Edmond was not isolated as a fight broke out in Kansas City that same day at another AAU basketball game. 

Just like in Oklahoma, a fight broke out between a coach and a ref during the The Hardwood Classic X RecruitLook Summer Finale at the Staley High School. 

That brawl ended differently, however, as spectators rushed onto the court to back up the coach and beat the referee, Caleb McConnell, who had placed a foul on the coach.  

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