BBC Weather: Wintry showers to batter UK as commuters braced for near-freezing journeys

BBC Weather: Carol Kirkwood forecasts showery conditions

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Carol Kirkwood told BBC Breakfast most of the UK will see mild weather for the remainder of the week with some areas seeing temperatures drop as low as 3C in the early morning. Areas in the north of England and Scotland will be battered by wintery showers whereas some areas will see clear skies but cold climates. Those towards Dorset and the surrounding areas are told to watch out for fog with Ms Kirkwood explaining weather will continue to remain calm but cold as we head towards the weekend.

Speaking on BBC Breakfast, Ms Kirkwood revealed most of the week would be mild with some clear skies but early temperatures will float just above freezing.

She told the programme: “This morning is a mild start to the day for many of us.

“The temperature is currently between seven and 10 degrees although there is a slither of clear skies towards Dorset with temperatures closer to freezing.

“And here too, this patchy mist and fog to watch out for.

“Today’s forecast is a mild one and also a cloudy one with some rain in it as well.

“The start of the day we’ve got a weather front producing some light rain and that will push our slither of brightness down towards the southeast and eventually the cloud will come over it.

“Then we’ve got this new band of rain coming in across the northwest, which will bring in again some heavy bursts at times.

“Gusty winds, especially across the north and the west of Scotland.

UK weather: Mild temperatures with mist and fog expected

“Temperatures today, ranging from about 10 to 13 degrees.”

Ms Kirkwood then looked at overnight which will see temperatures fall to just above freezing in some areas.

She added: “Now as we head on through the [Tuesday] evening and overnight, this band of rain slips South with it weakening all the time – taking its cloud and eventually showers with it.

“Will be some clear skies behind and then a plethora of showers come in on the westerly or northwesterly breeze.

“Some of those will be wintry, especially in the mountains in Scotland.”

Ms Kirkwood said the temperatures will range between three and eight degrees overnight and into the early morning.

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She continued: “So [Wednesday] we’re looking at dry weather across some eastern and central and southern parts of England.

“At a time, we’ll see some sunshine across eastern Scotland.

“But we’ll continue with our showers coming in on the wind.

“Pretty blustery across the north, lighter winds in the south, and temperatures eight to 12 degrees.

“And the mild theme does continue as we go through much of this week settling down.”

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