Bear beaten to death after mauling local man who tried to take a selfie with it

A bear was horrifically beaten to death with sticks and spears after it mauled a man who was trying to take a selfie with it.

The 27-year-old avoided serious injury after a crowd came to his rescue when he became trapped in the claws of the creature.

The footage, taken in Orissa, India, shows how the man initially fought off the animal until it briefly retreated and then attacked him again, knocking him to the ground.

Onlookers then surged forward after realising the man was in serious danger of being mauled to death and pulled him to safety.

The group then repeatedly stabbed and beat the bear with sticks, ensuring that the beast was no longer a threat.

It is believed the man is now recovering in hospital with minor injuries.

The incident is believed to be the fourth of its kind from the Indian state of Orissa in recent months.

Earlier this month, local man Prabhu Bhatara was killed after he jumped out of an SUV to go to the toilet while on his way back from a wedding.

It is believed that he noticed the injured bear nearby and was killed when he got too close, despite protests from fellow passengers to stay away.

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