Bill of fights! Huge brawl erupts at restaurant on San Antonio’s famed River Walk after man began attacking staff ‘because he was unhappy with the check and the service’

  • A man, 30, was arrested and booked into a local jail after starting a full-on brawl at the Republic of Texas restaurant in San Antonio on Monday 
  • He was charged with assault, but police have not released his identity. He’s said to have been angered by the check and by the service 
  • In videos posted to Twitter, show restaurant-goers scrambling to get out of the way as several men threw glasses and tray tables at servers 
  • A riverboat was seen pulling up the railing to watch as guests pulled out their phones to film the encounter 

Furniture was hurled during a huge brawl at a restaurant on San Antonio’s River Walk after an angry customer took exception to what he claimed was a rip-off check and poor service. 

At least one waiter was injured after being struck during Monday’s fight at the Republic of Texas restaurant, which sits along the city’s famed waterfront Texas entertainment district. 

‘The suspect began to verbally argue with staff as well as the victim who was a part of the staff,’ police told KENS 5.

In a 20-second clip posted to Twitter, several restaurant-goers joined in on the fight, with a man in a white shirt picking up a closed tray table and repeatedly hitting a man in a black shirt. 

A wild brawl broke out at the Republic of Texas restaurant in San Antonio on Monday evening after a man grew angry over the service and the bill. A man in a black shirt – it is unclear if he started the fight – was seen throwing a glass full of liquid at a waiter as an owner held his scared dog

Three San Antonio cops were seen tackling three men to the ground during the fight (pictured)

Another man in a tie-dye shirt and a different man in a black shirt can also be seen throwing punches and throwing glasses just as a river boat pulls up and stops to watch the fight. 

In another video, posted from a different angle, shows guests and staff rushing to get out of the way, with one man carrying a big, fluffy white dog away from the chaos. 

A man can be seen picking up a metal spiral food holder before deciding against it and hurling a glass filled with liquid. A waiter, dressed in all white, can be see tentatively moving toward him as the man prepares to the throw a tray table. 

Shortly after, three San Antonio police officers were seen tackling three diners to the ground, and ultimately one was arrested. 

The 30-year-old man, who was not identified by police, was arrested on assault charges, according to the Houston Chronicle. 

The crowd of restaurant-goers were seen huddling away from the brawl. One man, 30, was arrested for assault and booked into a local jail 

A river walk boat was seen pulling up to the railing to watch the brawl as it unfolded 

It is unclear why only one man was arrested for the brawl.  

However, no major injuries were reported, according to the outlet. has reached out to the San Antonio PD and the Republic of Texas restaurant for comment.  

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