Builders left my newly renovated homes a muddy mess – they only left me a NOTE | The Sun

A NEWLY renovated set of homes were left splattered in mud by builders doing work in a street – and it left the homeowner livid.

Workman only scrawled a note to tell Ash Browning that his two-and-a-half year renovation had been trashed by them.

CityFibre contractors were responsible for the mess in Worcester on Wednesday as they installed broadband cables on his street.

The 62-year-old got home to find mud splashed all over his front gate, wall, up the front door and all over the brand new bay windows.

He told the Worcester News: "The mud has just been splattered and sprayed everywhere.

"There was a screwed-up letter shoved through my post box saying sorry, we'll clean it tomorrow."


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The scrawl from the culprits read: "Windows of No.35 have been splashed with mud we will clean at first thing! Sorry."

Ash was "simply livid" by the carnage the workman had left, questioning why no barriers were put up to stop homes getting doused.

And it was a kick in the teeth for the furniture seller who has only recently converted his old shop into two homes on Wyld's Lane.

He rang up City Fibre to complain who he says were sympathetic.

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But the businessman – who now runs his store online – said he did not want compensation or for anyone to come and clean up the mess.

He said part of his reasoning was because he feared builders scratching the glass on the newly installed homes.

Mr Browning told The Sun on Thursday the issue has since been "resolved", he did not specify how much it cost to get cleaned.

The Sun Online has approached CityFibre for comment.

A spokesperson for the group told Worcester News the works that impacted Ash's house are part of a city-wide full fibre installation programme.

They added: "We expect the highest standards from our build partners, which is why we are very sorry to learn of the concerns raised by a resident in Wyld’s Lane. 

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"Our local build team is now cleaning the area to ensure the street is left as we found it.

“We’d like to thank all residents for their support and patience throughout the build to date."

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