Bumper post-Brexit UK-US trade deal still YEARS away, Liz Truss admits | The Sun

A BUMPER US-UK trade deal is still years away, Liz Truss admitted last night.

The PM insisted that getting a post-Brexit agreement with India, Gulf and Trans Pacific nations like Australia, Canada and Japan were still on her agenda.

But she did not see discussions with the US – which have barely got off the ground – restarting anytime soon as the US President continues to block them.

The gloomy admission comes ahead of her first meeting with President Biden tomorrow on the sidelines of the UN General Assembly summit.

The former Trade Secretary stressed that global security and helping Ukraine win – not trade deals – were her number one priority right now.

It comes as Russia continues its aggressive invasion in Eastern Europe, but Ukraine continue to secure major advances.

The PM told reporters en route to New York: “The number one issue is global security and making sure that we are able to collectively deal with Russian aggression.

“In terms of trade, I mentioned getting CPPT accession, getting a trade deal with India, a deal with the GCC – those are our trade priorities.”

On talks with the US, she admitted: “There [aren’t] currently any negotiations taking place with the US and I don’t have an expectation that those are going to start in the the short to medium term.”

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Insiders admitted this could mean trade talks taking years to restart, with no agreement on the cards before the next election – expected to be in 2024.

President Joe Biden has said he wants to focus on domestic issues, and has put the bumper deal President Trump wanted on the back burner.

Instead the UK has been sealing mini-deals with individual states – like Indiana and North Carolina – with several others on the cards this year which will boost trade and cut prices.

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