Chilling moment husband picks up wife and tosses her off side of a ferry as other passengers race to save her | The Sun

SHOCKING footage shows the moment a husband throws his wife off a ferry – showing no remorse as passengers rushed to save her.

In the chilling surveillance footage a man can seen picking up the woman before tossing her overboard.

The ferry was travelling through the Sunda Strait, Indonesia, and thankfully the man's wife managed to hold on and not fall into the ocean.

Footage was released by local police on February 24.

It shows the horrifying moment the man walked up behind his wife as she was packing a bag, and carried her to the ship’s edge. 

In the 40 second CCTV clip, he is seen lurking before making his move.


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The couple walk over to some seats and one woman can be seen sitting down using her phone.

As the wife is preparing to relax, the man removes her bag and glances over to the ships railing.

He then removes her bag from her shoulder before picking her up in what seems to be a romantic gesture.

The woman can then be seen kicking her legs as he walks closer to the edge of the ship before she is chucked over the barrier. 

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The husband simply stands and watches, slumped over the railing showing no regret.

As soon as the body was dropped, people came swarming over to the edge of the ferry to try and help pull up the woman – who managed to cling to the side of the ship.

Ridho Rafika, head of the Bakauheni Port Police Sector, said that the incident happened on the Shalem passenger ferry from Merak to Bakauheni.

He also said that the victim miraculously survived as she managed to cling to the bars on the railing.

Local police also reported that the man’s family did not report the incident as the husband suffered from a suspected psychiatric disorder.

He allegedly heard “whispers” that told him to drop his wife into the sea.

Rafika said: “The perpetrator was suspected to be depressed because his reason was that he wanted to throw the victim into the sea, he heard a voice telling him to do that”.

The family have also reportedly confirmed that the man is undergoing treatment – and its unclear if he has been arrested.

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