Colombian footballers arrive home flanked by police after threats

Colombian football team arrives home flanked by scores of police officers on motorcycles as brother of player shot dead ‘over own goal’ in 1994 shares his fears after death threats made to the squad online

  • Players return home to Bogota, Colombia, following their defeat at the hands of England in penalty shoot-out 
  • After 1994 defeat, Andrés Escobar was murdered as he was shot six times in the street following an own goal 
  • Many attributed the death to revenge killing and the current team’s midfielder has received death threats  

Hundreds of football fans turned out to welcome the Colombian national team as a police escort guided them past well-wishers two days after World Cup defeat.

The team lost on penalties to be knocked out of the tournament on Tuesday, leaving England to progress to this weekend’s quarter-finals.

Streets teemed with sports fans waving the country’s flag as a yellow bus waded through the masses under heavy security in Bogota.

Players arrived under a heavy police presence following death threats being made to Carlos Sanchez over penalties he conceded in the run-up to the England match 

Scores of officers lined the area around the bus, which was led through the crowds by another police vehicle amid death threats that were issued following Tuesday’s defeat 

Colombia crashed out when England defeated them on penalties this week, leading to safety concerns for the players as abusive messages were sent online 

Concerns for the safety of the players were voiced this week as the world remembered the murder of footballer Andrés Escobar after he scored an own goal in the 1994 tournament.

The Colombian was shot six times on the streets of Medellín just 10 days after his humiliating blunder against the United States – a murder many put down as retaliation from an angry countryman.

Hundreds turned out to welcome the players home after their defeat to England sparked security concerns following the the shooting of a player in 1994 

The country still has raw memories of a player who was shot six times in the street in what many put down as a revenge killing over an own goal 

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His brother Sachi Escobar told Business Insider that he was fearful for Carlos Sanchez and his family after the midfielder conceded two penalties in the build-up to the team’s final match.

The player has been subjected to death threats online following England’s win, something Mr Escobar says he wouldn’t wish on anyone. 

Fans snapped pictures of the bus as it carried Colombian players home amid death threats made to the team over their defeat to England 

‘Carlos must be feeling both sad for the mistake he made, and very afraid, and his family too,’ he said. ‘My brother never received any threats, they just shot him dead in the most cowardly way.’

Authorities saw fit to surround the bus with scores of police officers on motorcycles as it returned from the World Cup in Moscow, Russia.

The team was greeted warmly by fans but fears have been sparked after death threats made to players following the defeat this week 

And a 4X4 police car led the convoy, flanking the bus from the front and carving a path through the fans that greeted it with enthusiasm.  

But supporters seemed happy to welcome the players home as they snapped pictures of the bus passing through the crowded streets. 

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