David Copperfield Spills Secrets Behind Carson and Dylan's Halloween Illusion

Carson Daly channeled legendary illusionist David Copperfield to perform an impressive magic trick with some help from his special assistant, Adelaide, aka Dylan Dreyer.

This is where the magic happens with Carson Daly & @DylanDreyerNBC 🪄 pic.twitter.com/DHIFTgSc5i

— TODAY (@TODAYshow) October 31, 2022

“Hello, everyone. My magic is a metaphor, a reminder that what you think is impossible can be achieved,” said Carson, who sported a black wig and a flowing white scarf in a nod to Copperfield’s signature look.

“You may have just noticed that I rose from a chair with nothing but my physical strength, but what if I told you I could make a human being rise using only the power of my mind,” he continued.

He then invited his lovely assistant, Adelaide — named after the famous early-20th-century illusionist, Adelaide Herrmann — to help him pull off his magical feat.

Dylan joined him on stage, sporting a sparkly tuxedo suit and a flapper-style black bob, and sat cross-legged on a chair.

“And here now to defy the laws of gravity, Adelaide,” Carson said. “Focus and rise!”

Dylan then floated up from the chair — and to prove the pure magic of the illusion, Carson waved his hands underneath her and above her to show there were no hidden wires involved.

The duo pulled off this classic levitation trick with some coaching from the real David Copperfield, who joined them via Zoom to weigh in on their performance — and long story short, he thinks they nailed it.

“I think you guys did such a great job,” said Copperfield, who was calling in from the MGM Grand Las Vegas, where he is currently performing.

David @Copperfield is joining our Halloween celebrations! 🪄 pic.twitter.com/syPfJgWFED

— TODAY (@TODAYshow) October 31, 2022

“I get no nights off here,” Copperfield added. “Here at the MGM, I do 15 shows a week and if I want to take some nights off, I’d like you guys to come and fill in for me.”

While he remained tight-lipped about how the levitation works, he shared some general advice about being a great magician.

“It’s talk, respect and listen,” he told Carson with a smile. “TRL for short.”

The magical moment was part of the TODAY Halloween 2022 extravaganza, whose theme this year is TODAY in Vegas.

TODAY in Vegas 🤩

All of our anchors understood the assignment.
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— TODAY (@TODAYshow) October 31, 2022

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