Election 2020 'chartthrobs' MSNBC's Steve Kornacki & CNN's John King send pulses racing as US endures endless vote count

AMERICANS may not be liking how the election has dragged on as crucial states continue counting ballots, but many are loving the news personalities nonstop tracking the electoral maps. 

There’s MSNBC’s Steve Kornacki and CNN’s John King, just to name a couple. 

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Twitter users have been thanking the hosts for staying on top of the tallies for three days while taking little rest. 

They were dubbed not heartthrobs, but chartthrobs, by Los Angeles Times television editor Matt Brennan on Thursday night. 

“Please, if you decide to profess your love for map kings John King, Steve Kornacki, et al., use the preferred nomenclature: Chartthrobs,” Brennan tweeted. 

Twitter users showed love for Kornacki's signature khaki pants, with WNBA player Renee Montgomery asking, "Is Kornacki Khacki an official color yet?" and including the hashtag #Chartthrobs.

They also dig the clipboard he clutches with notes on the vote tallies.

Kornacki spent more than 10 hours on air, The New York Times reported.

On the morning after Election Day, an MSNBC spokesperson told The Washington Post that Kornacki “has not slept since he was on ‘Morning Joe’ yesterday.”

Kornacki took a break shortly after, the spokesperson said. 

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