Elon Musk shares photo of bedside table showing the US Constitution

Elon Musk shares second photo of his bedside table showing a Christmas card resting on the US Constitution – calling it his ‘most treasured’ item

  • The Twitter CEO shared another picture of his bedside table, this time showcasing a stack of books pertaining to America’s founding
  • In the first night table picture he shared, Musk’s penchant for George Washington, guns and decaf Diet Coke became clear
  • The newly minted Twitter owner has remained under harsh media scrutiny for months as he eases into running the platform and altering it as he goes

‘Chief Twit’ Elon Musk shared another picture of his bedside table, in which he displayed the US Constitution and called the ‘most treasured item’ on the nightstand.

The surprise glimpse into his Musk’s personal quarters came in response to a tweet from an account called ‘Musk University,’ which tweets out quotations from the famed CEO.

In this instance, the account had posted, ‘ The Constitution is great than any President. End of story.’

Musk, again, showcased his bedside table in a shot that included a series of documents that were integral to the American founding

The picture was posted in response to an account that posts Musk’s old quotations highlighting his commitment to the US Constitution

To which he replied, ‘May it always be so. It is the most treasured item on my bedside table,’ above a picture of the table.

Musk has branded himself a ‘free speech absolutist,’ and as such, evidently, sleeps with copies of The Constitution, The Declaration of Independence, and Washington’s Rules of Civility next to him.

The three books appears to be part of a boxed set of some of America’s founding documents and most important pieces of writing.

The picture marks the second time in recent weeks Musk has shared a look at his bedside table.

The first picture came in late November, when he posted a picture that featured four empty cans of decaffeinated Diet Coke, a framed picture of Washington crossing the Delaware that came complete with a copy of Washington’s Flintlock pistol, a Tibetan Buddhism ritual object known as a Vajra Dorje, and a fake .357 revolver used in the ‘Deus Ex: Human Revolution’ video game.

At the edge of the table in the first picture, the set of books, including the copy of the Constitution are visible.

‘My bedside table,’ he captioned the initial picture. ‘There is no excuse for my lack of coasters.’

In the updated snap, it appears Musk has acquired coasters. 

In Musk’s first bedside pic in November, he showcased his love of caffeine-free Diet coke, his penchant for George Washington, guns (though not real ones), and a Buddhist ritual object

Musk has routinely been sharing bits about himself on the short-form social media platform he officially acquired at the end of October

Musk has been under constant media scrutiny since his acquisition of the platform, as he’s, among other things, orchestrated the release of information about the old guard and the way the company was run

Musk recently revealed he would step down as Twitter CEO when he finds an appropriate fit to take over the role.

He previously posted a poll asking users if he should remain in charge, which he lost by close to 18 points.

In another recent incident, Musk seemingly lost his cool when he was pushed by a Twitter Space participant – and former Twitter employee – to explain how he was going to reinvent Twitter.

The conversation became technical and ended with Musk calling the former employee – George Hotz – a ‘moron.’ 

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